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Futa on futa, futa on femme, and futa on double-futa. What a combo pack of delicious cocks! Two new characters join the roster, with the first non-futa in Melanie, and the first double-dick futa in Shyla. Every hole is going to get filled in these three animations.

Mandy Candy (Candice & Amanda)

Candice tries to come onto Amanda, gently kissing and touching her from behind, but Amanda's uninterested; Candice exclaims that she hasn't fucked her in three years, but Amanda just focuses on work instead. When she goes into the kitchen and finds Emma humming and wiggling in her pajamas at the toaster, though, she finds herself getting hard. Emma notes how hard she is on her way to eat breakfast. When she returns to the bedroom, her bottoms are off, and she tells Candice to bend over. Despite Candice's request for her to start gently, Amanda's huge cock goes straight for her ass and pushes in to a very loud exclamation. Candice sniffs more used panties to turn herself on while Amanda really gets into it. We see Amanda imagining fucking Mary and her cumming onto her face, while Candice is imagining getting double-penetrated by Tara and Alicia's huge futa cocks while one jerks her off. Amanda cums, creating quite a mess. When Candice goes to turn over, she hurts her back, and Amanda's already leaving the room anyway to get dressed for work. Left alone, she finishes herself off with her hand. A sad return to the status quo.

Buck Love (Audrey & Melanie)

Audrey's doing side-hustles with DashGrub, and goes into an apartment building to deliver some Weenie Bell hot dogs. When she meets the customer Melanie, however, both are immediately flustered and turned on by how hot the other girl is. The awkward chemistry is cute and intense, so Melanie ends up opening the door again to invite Audrey to share the meal with her. They end up chatting on the couch, and when Audrey goes in for a kiss, Melanie freaks out a little and exclaims that she's not a futa, and that futas don't like non-futas. Of course, she's wrong—at least with Melanie, who's totally into her. Now naked, Melanie eagerly wraps her fingers and lips around Audrey's huge cock. Impressively, she manages to get her cock into her throat all the way to the balls. Overtaken with pleasure, Audrey holds her in place before starting to fuck her throat, while Melanie rubs her pussy lips. Audrey shoots a creamy load straight down Melanie's throat before giving her some in her mouth.

Standing together, Melanie pumps Audrey's cock with her boobs and then her thighs, eager for more of Audrey's creamy load. After Audrey cums again, they move to the bed so Melanie can fill herself with Audrey's long futa dick. She pumps away it, cumming once, before riding more while standing it up. She begs Audrey to fill her up with her cum, which bulges her stomach from the massive amount she spills into her. Melanie's let her weenie get cold on the counter, but I think she enjoyed Audrey's far more anyhow.

Double Snuggle (Gabriella & Shyla)

Shyla compliments Gabriella on how lovely she's looking, and Gabriella excitedly tells her that she's pregnant. Shyla's confused, given her supposed infertility, but then overjoyed. They make out and express love for each other... then Gabriella asks Shyla if she can "suck on them." In the bedroom and naked, Shyla's eagerly face-fucking Gabriella while she leaks tons of pre-cum... and we can see that Shyla actually has two cocks! After getting them wet, Gabriella asks her to put them in her ass, which surprises her, since she's never wanted that before. But first, Gabriella rubs her dick between Shyla's two cocks. Then she lies down on the bed sideways, offering up her holes, and asks Shyla to fuck them both at the same time. Unsurprisingly, Shyla is absolutely thrilled, and they both love it. She begs her to fill her up with her cum, and she does, with Gabriella's cum adding to the mix of creamy treats covering her face and chest. Yum!

What’s Included:

  • 3 animations in MP4 format
  • Total animation runtime 21:53
  • Positions include missionary, cowgirl, standing fuck and more

Amy's Big Wish Episode 3

A temporary reconciliation of sorts gets Candice and Amanda deep-dicking like they haven't in ages. Audrey meets a customer during a side-hustle, and their instant chemistry turns into some very steamy sex. And Gabriella returns to celebrate her pregnancy with her double-cocked spouse, Shyla!

What’s Included:

  • 3 animations in MP4 format
  • Total animation runtime 21:53
  • Positions include missionary, cowgirl, standing fuck and more
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