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About Affect3D

Since its founding in 2010, Affect3D has established itself as a leading provider of 3DX entertainment. We built in 2013 as a retail platform for showcasing and distributing the work of talented 3DX artists from around the globe. The number of 3DX fans grows by the day and we strive to bring them what we believe is the future of porn. By supporting 3DX artists with a reliable interface for sharing their creations, we can pave the way for greater innovation and collaborations in 3DX entertainment. As we look forward into the future, we will expand our store with image galleries, animations and games, and we are looking forward to recruit more successful and aspiring artists just like you.


Facts and Figures’s ranking is currently within the top 60,000 sites in the world. We host around 240,000 visitors every month and we have over 100,000 registered store members. In total more than 200,000 orders have been made with art from over 70 artists and more than 600 products.

What types of products?

Affect3D provides a wide range of 3DX content, from comics and image collections to gifs and animations. We also provide links to partner subscription sites and we are continuously looking to broaden our range of desktop and mobile games. If your product (type) differs greatly from what we currently offer, worry not: we are always open to expanding our product line to include new and exciting media and technology.

How much can you earn?

Several artists make a good living from their sales on Some of our higher performing artists can regularly earn $4000-5000 p/month, and occasionally have made well over $10,000 p/month. The key to success is consistent, high quality releases. New products generally have the highest sales rate during the first month of the products’ release. Experience has taught us that the product will continue to sell well if the artist frequently publishes new releases, which will naturally draw attention to their previous work as well. The ideal release pattern for image sets and comics is every 1-2 months and 2-3 months for animations and games.

Also understand the concept of margin vs traffic

For the best sales results we recommend you to list your products in the Affect3D Store as well as in your own or other stores, because each store has its separate source of traffic and they do stack. Even though you may sell at a higher margin in your own store, our store’s traffic almost always makes up for the higher commission the store receives. For example:


*Note this is a hypothetical example, sales may vary dramatically depending on the quality, genre, etc.

We strongly advise you not to put all of your eggs in one basket. For the best comparison, list your product in our store and in your own store at the same time. See how it affects your sales. There’s nothing stopping you from listing in both stores. For featured artists we even provide a service to list your title with many other reputable adult sites for a nominal fee.

What about Patreon?

If you’re already posting frequently on Patreon, it’s very likely that you’ll benefit from releasing in our store as well. Here’s why: many artists aren’t aware that they can make considerably more money through our store vs their Patreon (especially in the early stages), because Patreon leaves you in charge of your own marketing and promotion. At Affect3D, however, we handle the promotion of your product for you and we ensure that our 200,000 monthly site visitors and 50,000 newsletter subscribers see your releases. Furthermore, even if you are currently doing well on Patreon, you could potentially double your income on balance, seeing as many 3DX consumers prefer to buy individual products rather than pay for a recurring subscription. By selling your products in our store, you can cater to both customer bases.

What are the perks?

Affect3D aims to support you as you grow as an artist. That’s why we work with three main vendor statuses to provide additional promotional exposure according to your needs.

You may start off with a Regular status, which will give you the basic perks of collaborating with us, such as having your release featured in a post on the main site and in our newsletter. When you advance to a Featured status, your new products will receive a spot on our front page banner. If you decide to become an Exclusive vendor in our store, your commission rate will also increase.

Below we have listed an overview of all the perks that come with our main three vendor statuses:

  Regular Featured Exclusive
Commission 60% 60% 70%
Release Tue / Thur Any day incl. Sat Any day incl. Sat
Promotional Exposure

Main Site Post


Main Site Post


Main Site Banner

Store Banner

Main Site Post


Main Site Banner

Store Banner

Main Site Feature

(Interview, Image/ Trailer features, etc)

Store Home Page Featured

General Sales Tips and Advice

(Ask us Anything)

Yes Yes Yes

  Regular Featured Exclusive
Promo Banners Service FREE FREE FREE
Video Trailer Service

for Animations / Games

Anti-Piracy Service FREE FREE FREE
External Listing Service

(,,, etc)

Not available Available (approx 7.5% fee) Free translation service(Japanese) Available (approx 5% fee) Free translation service (Japanese)
Translation Service

(for Japanese releases)

Not available FREE FREE
Rendering Service Not available FREE FREE
Voice Service

for animations (up to certain duration)

At cost (coordination assistance available at no charge) FREE FREE

How do i register?

Please contact us on [email protected]. Send us some of your best work. This could be anything from an image set to your Twitter feed or even your own website. We will review your work and get the registration process started.

Don’t hesitate to contact us even if you are just a beginning artist.

Send us an email~