Content removal & DMCA takedown

Affect3D distributes products which have been created by hundreds of adult artists from around the world. If you’ve found content on Affect3D that you believe should not be displayed or sold, you may report it using the form below. Affect3D staff review each content removal request thoroughly, and we will follow up with you if more information is needed or when a resolution is reached. Reasons to request content removal may include:

  • Copyright -- the content infringes on your copyright or the copyright of a party you represent.
  • Abusive -- the content is intentionally harmful, containing revenge porn, blackmail, personally identifiable information, or other similarly abusive material.
  • Prohibited -- the content contains or portrays underage performers, bestiality, rape, or other similarly prohibited content.

If your removal request is for another reason not listed above, please elaborate on the nature of your request as best as you can. An A3D staff member will follow up with you if needed.

Submitting a removal request

You can submit all content removal and DMCA takedown requests using the form below. You may also email DMCA takedown requests directly to [email protected]

When using the form below, please include the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  3. Phone number
  4. Full address (Building and unit number, street, state/province, post code, country)
  5. Phone number (including international area code)
  6. Copyright holder name (company, stage name, full legal name, etc.)
  7. URL(s) of the offending content
  8. Reason(s) for reporting this content

Please be aware that all the information in this request form, including the copyright owner’s name, will be stored by Affect3D indefinitely as proof of this request. Your request may be forwarded to the artist who has allegedly infringed on your copyright. By submitting this form you consent to having your information shared in this way.