Maggie's introduction to sex involved her cumming plenty with—and on—mommy in her bed. That's just the beginning of Maggie's sexual awakening, though, as Mary's lover Bella ends up fucking her too. And, inevitably, a couple becomes a threesome.

All My Roommate's Love 3

Mary apologizes to Bella, but behind her back, Maggie mocks Bella. Discovering her, Mary's completely fine with Bella fucking her ass when she asks. Maggie complains, but submits to Mary's chiding look—and then Mary tells her to help get Bella hard. “Here sweetie. Just suck on her cock like mommy showed you.” Mary and Bella share a tender moment while Maggie pumps and sucks Bella's cock. Bella really gets into fucking Maggie's face, making her gasp for breath.

They come to bed, and both watch for Mary's reaction as Bella slips her dick into Maggie's ass. Though it hurts, Maggie keeps her complaints to herself while Mary strokes herself. When Mary tells Maggie to spread her legs for Bella, she can't help but enjoy Bella fucking her, and moans despite herself. Maggie watches Mary as she fingers herself and squirts, making Maggie cum on her own face and chest. Maggie asks if Bella will be cumming in her ass, and the answer is yes, as she quickly does so once Mary sticks her cock into Bella's ass. Mary isn't pleased!

All My Roommate's Love 4

Bella complains that it's her first time being inside a girl, but Mary's still annoyed. Maggie, however, is touched. When Bella expresses her desire to “do anything” to make Mary hard again, Maggie offers her help too. An idea strikes her, and Bella kneels behind Maggie to eat out her ass. Watching the pair, Mary can't help but start to get hard again. She tells them to give her more as she fingers herself, and they make out.

Bella lays back on the bed this time and Maggie fucks her pussy, not far from Mary. Mary pushes her own cock inside her while watching them. Maggie gives Bella a handjob and fucks her harder, making Bella cum all over her own chest and face as Maggie cums inside her. Fully hard again, Mary tells the girls it's her turn now.

What’s Included:

  • 2 animations in MP4 format
  • Total animation runtime 10:28
  • Positions include doggy style, missionary and face-fuck

All My Roomates Love 3 & 4


Bella walked in mid-fuck on Mary fucking Maggie. Rather than turn into a fight, though, Maggie gets her second cock inside her and lots of cumming ensues. But how will Bella recover Mary's hard-on when she cums too soon?

What’s Included:

  • 2 animations in MP4 format
  • Total animation runtime 10:28
  • Positions include doggy style, missionary and face-fuck
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