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Welcome to, the official storefront of Founded by miro in 2010, Affect3D is a both a producer and distributor of 3D animated porn, or "3DX" for short. was launched in 2014 as an upgraded storefront for A3D and other 3DX artists.

As a production group, miro and Affect3D have created the popular 3DX animation franchises: Girlfriends 4 Ever and Bloodlust: Cerene. As a distributor, Affect3D offers animations, image galleries, and video games from some of the best erotic artists in the world.

In 2018, Affect3D also launched, a gallery site for adult artists to share both 3D and 2D erotic art for free.

Affect3D's Mission Statement

At Affect3D we are guided by a handful of ideas, which we strive to apply to all of our endeavors. They are as follows:

• Passion before profit - Producing 3D animated porn in and of itself is already an act of putting passion over profit, however there will still be times when A3D must make decisions about its financial future. In those instances, we will aim to make decisions that allow us to love the work that we do while upholding and improving the quality of our productions, projects, and relationships with both fans and fellow artists.

• Grow the scene - We will find and promote unique, imaginative, and high-quality 3D erotic art so that more artists and fans can discover this amazing medium. Our hope is that one day 3DX will achieve the same production quality as mainstream entertainment, and in doing so, attract the same esteem and artistic talent.

• Sex and porn are natural, beautiful, morally sound, and fun - Sex and porn have a bad rap in some circles, and we'd like to help change that. 3DX is a technically complex medium with a lot of room for artistry, imagination, and collaboration. We believe this makes 3DX an ideal way to present porn as a natural, safe, and fun entertainment that adults can feel good about enjoying.

• Excellence in service - We want to provide the best experience possible to our customers, artists, employees, and partners, and in doing so, help legitimize porn in terms of business practice and ethics.

If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can better achieve our goals, please let us know via the contact page!

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