Welcome to the official store of Affect3D. You can find all of miro/ Affect3D's products here uncut and uncensored. 

As we look forward into the future, we will expand the store with image galleries, animation and games and provide you with more options of top-name artists. The Affect3D store will be your one-stop shop for the best 2D and 3D content available on the web. We look forward to bringing you this content!


About Affect3D

Founded in 2010, Affect3D has grown into one of the largest sites specializing in 3DX. Showcasing the work from the top artists from around the globe, we thrive to bring you the future of porn. The community of 3DX fans is growing by the day and we'll do our part to ensure it flourishes through innovation, collaboration and the involvement of the community!

Affect3D's Mission Statement

  • Passion before Profit. Find and promote the most unique, imaginative and highest quality 2D and 3DX erotic content period.
  • Aim to one day achieve the same quality in 3D content that mainstream entertainment enjoys, or die trying =)
  • Sex and porn are natural, beautiful, morally sound and fun!
  • Provide the best service possible to our customers, artists, employees and partners and legitimse porn both in terms of business practice and ethics.

Contact Information


Contact Email: [email protected]