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Five vignettes make up the first episode of Amy's Big Wish, introducing a bunch of characters and pairing them into a lot of sex—though, admittedly, three of these vignettes are more solo productions. But that doesn't mean they're any less full of cum-drenched fun!

Candice (solo)

Living the hot mom housewife life, Candice is taking care of the house when she finds one of her little girl's panties. Absolutely intoxicated by the idea of fucking her, she masturbates with them, rubbing them into her pussy. Then she sets up a fleshlight on a fuck machine to stroke here while she sniffs the underwear. Finally, she rubs herself off while imagining fucking her girl's ass, and cums all over herself.

Later, we get an Easter egg reference to All My Roommate's Love—which I'm sure Candice will enjoy.

Amy & Ava

Amy Long's absolutely committed to getting good grades and performing at a high level; she could easily be called 'obsessed' with her grades. So, when her teacher Ava tells her she got a failing grade on her final, Amy is absolutely desperate to make it up. Of course, Ava's totally into the slutty, desperate student type, and tells Amy to suck her cock if she wants a better grade. Amy complies and her teacher face-fucks her, getting in some serious deep-throating with her huge cock.

Ava then has her take off her clothes, and totally mocks and humiliates Amy's cock. After taking a photo, she bends her over and fucks her. Amy doesn't hate it, but she wishes that someone loved her for her, rather than just wanting to fuck her for her body. Once Ava's cum, Amy gets her to reassure her that she'll get a good grade… and we see that Amy actually already had an A+. I wonder if Amy will find out!

Audrey (solo)

A sex worker camming on Futarbate, Audrey is naked on cam and sucking herself off to a constant stream of messages hungry for her and egging her on. As users tip her tokens with requests, she fields them, fucking herself with a large horse dildo next. Users ask her to do a windmill dick, which she manages to do in splendid fashion, and then twerks for the camera. Audrey does a dance from popular app Kit Kot, then t-poses, with her dick bouncing, then some contemporary dance. So classy! When she starts fucking her pussy with her big cock, she gets a lot of tokens. After some mattress-fucking, she finally gets a huge tip and masturbates hard on camera, finally cumming all over her face and chest for the big tipper.

Amanda & Mary

High-flying exec Amanda has the newest hire of a girl sent in to service her. Mary is a huge fan, and is already hard for her boss before she's even in the room. She finds Amanda already naked, but zoning out—Amanda's seeing visions of a former lover, and continues to listen and talk to her while busy fucking Mary. Amanda starts hard with Mary, pulling her up and fucking deep into her. It isn't long before Mary's cumming from being fucked in the ass, but Amanda keeps going, folding her in half on top of her and fucking her on the couch. Mary squirts lots before Amanda takes her to the floor, on top of her and pushing hard until she finally floods Mary's ass with cum. Mary stumbles out after, struggling to walk and leaking cum; her boss Gina asks how it went, and Amanda tells her over the intercom to fire Mary.

Emma (solo)

Emma's in her room in pajamas, dancing to Milf Milk from AgentRedGirl's Naughty Tricks. She talks to her stuffed pony doll, Dollie, and rejoices over how much money she's made. She hopes to move out soon. While looking in the mirror, she gets hard, pulls off her clothes, and pulls Dollie to her: “It's time to make a baby!” Humming to herself, she fucks Dollie. Initially, she tries to hold back, but cums a bunch anyway. She exclaims her love for Dollie and snuggles, and soon she gets hard again. Squeezing her legs together, she thrusts between them until she cums again. Still horny, she starts fucking Dollie again, going from reverse cowgirl to doggy style; losing herself in it, she goes harder and harder until she creampies Dollie.

What’s Included:

  • 1 animation (35:57 minutes) in MP4 format
  • Positions include doggy style, standing fuck, missionary and more


Amy's Big Wish Episode 1

A cluster of futa fucks make up the many sexy storylines that fill Amy's Big Wish Ep. 1. Teacher fucking, mile-high fucking, cam show self-fucking and more play out for everyone's pleasure.

What’s Included:

  • 1 animation (35:57 minutes) in MP4 format
  • Positions include doggy style, standing fuck, missionary and more
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