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Puppetmaster brings you an exciting Futanari 3D animation that will captivate you, in this Sensual Adventures: Episode 7 The Dealer Bundle. This fascinating episode comes in a girl version and a guy version and you get both of them at a super discount in this bundle. You want to take your time to enjoy both versions as you will get a lot of Futanari action in some of the best 3D animated scenes. The girl version features 33 minutes of runtime, 15 positions, and three cumshots, while the guy version features 30 minutes of runtime, 13 positions, and one cumshot.

The main protagonists in this bundle are the hot Futanari babes, Brittany and Trinity, with their big tits and gorgeous figures. But two new hotties join these Futanari sexual fantasies and astonish you with their beauty and sexual skills. Alexandra and Livia offer you a fascinating lesbian sex scene, using a strap-on, and making the girl version of this porn video that much more interesting. The girl version also contains hot threesome Futanari scenes between Brittany, Trinity, and Livia.

The guy version brings a sexy man in the picture, who can’t help but engage in intense, lustful fantasies with our heroines. If you are familiar with the other episodes of Sensual Adventures, this one will come as a hot continuity to them. But even if it is the first time you encounter Brittany and Trinity, chances are that you will be fascinated by their beauty, big tits, and gorgeous bodies. There are pulse-pounding scenes of anal sex, blowjobs, oral sex, sex toy play, big tits play, cunnilingus, and many other lustful fantasies that will manifest through these 3D Futanari characters.

You can enjoy this bundle in a mobile version but also a PC version. The Futanari 3D characters are brought to life through impeccable voice acting, which makes the entire experience that much more realistic. There are vocals by RubyStrix (Trinity), Marie Fasolt (Brittany), Mimi Hung (Livia/The Assistant), SilkyMilk (Alexandra), and FatBoiiPanda (Richard/The Mercenary).

There is also an interactive version of this story if you want to enjoy Sensual Adventures as a desktop porn game or a mobile game. This version was released in February 2023, and it brings your involvement in the action with catchy interactive tools to decide how Brittany and Trinity make the most out of their sexual cravings.

What's Included

  • Sensual Adventures Episode 7 -- 33 minutes 8 second of animation rendered in 4k
  • 2 sex scenes
    • Lesbian scene with 2 girls - 6 positions including kissing, ass-to-ass, and strap-on
    • Threesome scene with 2 futanari x 1 girl - 9 positions including blowjob, futanari fuck train, double penetration, and 3 cumshots
  • English subtitle .SRT file + DeepL translations in German and French (Located inside "Extras" download folder. Only girl version subtitles available at the moment - guy version coming soon!)
  • 720p Mobile versions
  • No music version (note: still contains music during story scenes)
  • Vocals by RubyStrix (Trinity), Marie Fasolt (Brittany), Mimi Hung (Livia/The Assistant), SilkyMilk (Alexandra), and FatBoiiPanda (Richard/The Mercenary)
  • Bonus interactive version (Windows only). Review version notes below for more information.

Interactive Version 1.0 (Feb 2023 release)

The bonus, interactive version is now available. Please be aware of the following:

Hair occasionally behaving weirdly in the first scene (with the car) is a known issue. It's an Unreal Engine bug which there is currently no fix for.

There are known issues for users with ATI (Radeon/AMD) graphics cards. This seems to be a general problem with Unreal Engine and is not something the Puppetmaster team can fix on their end.  If you encounter crashes, please refer to the information found in this post for resolution:

If you have trouble loading the game, please review our How to Play guide first. If you are still running into issues, contact [email protected] to receive a developer version so the Puppetmaster team can review log files.

More Information

Sensual Adventures: Episode 7 The Dealer - Bundle


Both versions now available! Puppetmaster returns with not just one but two new episodes of Sensual Adventures. Sensual Adventures Episode 7 The Dealer comes in two versions: the girl version and the guy version. This bundles will let you purchase both at a discount. The girl version features 33 minutes of runtime, 15 positions, and 3 cumshot, while the guy version features 30 minutes of runtime, 13 postions, and 1 cumshot. Watch the trailer for each version below!

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