Samantha and Trevor have been dating since middle school and are now in their early 20's. Samantha matured very quickly at an early age and could never keep a real job because of the distractions her massive endowments caused, so she stays at home almost every day gaming and streaming. Her boyfriend Trevor doesn't pay her much attention anymore and just cares about his games and modding them. After getting kicked from a session for modding, he throws a fit, blows up at Samantha, and storms out to hang out with his friends. Samantha goes back to playing her WWII RTS game and streaming and chatting with one of her followers that she games with online. He wants to meet in person to hang out and game, and Samantha agrees since she has nothing else going on. When she answers the door is is greeted by non other than Michael Johnson, and is blown away by the hunk standing at her door. She never suspected the guy she's been gaming with online was tall handsome and muscular. Michael actually came over with the intention of just gaming, but now that he's seen Sam's enormous rack and badondadonk, his mind is going elsewhere. The sit down and start gaming on the console in the living room, at first, Michael is winning, and Sam really hates to lose. Knowing she has the ultimate two distractions on her chest, she flashes Michael a titty, causing his to lose focus making him win the match. As Sam celebrates her victory, Michael tells her she only won because she has huge tits. She angrily reveals both of her breasts, telling Michael she won fair and square and doesn't understand why men can't handle being around girls with massive breasts. Michael is perfectly capable of handling Sam and her big tits, and he's got a surprise for her if she takes her shirt off. Sam agrees, and Michael stands up and pulls out that big donkey dick of his that he can't keep in his pants. Sam is blown away by the sight of such a massive penis. The only one she'd ever seen in person was her boyfriends tiny pecker, although she loves to watch big cock porn on the internet. She lets Michael feel her tits, but is shocked when he slaps that python of his in-between them. Being turned on, they both undress and Sam takes Mike to the couch to give him a proper titfuck. Mike loves his cock in-between some huge titties, but he likes getting in some pussy even better so he takes Samantha over to her bed. She has a tight little pussy that's going to take some work to get into, so he toys with her, fucking Sam's pussy with his big dick head till she cums on it. After that, Mike really gives it to her until he blows a huge load all over her face and chest. Thinking he's finishes, Sam worships his cock and is surprised by another nutshot to the face. Since they both got off, they decide to go game some more, but with one exception-Sam wants to sit on Michael's dick while she games. Samantha's boyfriend Trevor comes home from hanging out with his friends to find his girlfriend bouncing up and down on a horse sized dick in their Livingroom and has a full on meltdown. She's had enough of his crap so she keeps right on bouncing on that dick. Her tight little pussy is finally too much for Michael and he nuts in her and passes out on the couch to which Samantha hops off and passes the controller to Trevor telling him he can play now. She walks back to her computer to stream, leaving Michaels naked body passed out on the couch. A girl's gotta look out for her own interests, so Trevor's just gonna have to get used to Sam's big cocked boytoy being around!
125 pages of a gamer girl playing with a different type of joystick!

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  • 125 high-quality images in JPG format

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More Information
CharactersFemale, Male
ContentOral, Blowjob, Kissing, Cumshot, Creampie, Orgasm, Facial, Pearl Necklace, Handjob
How manyCouple
Breast SizeHuge Tits
Dick SizeHuge Dick
Ass SizeHuge Ass
Theme / KinkCuckold, Muscles
Year Released2022
File Size45 MB

Game, Fuck, Repeat


A sheltered gamer girl with a huge ass and giant tits learns what she's built for-getting doinked by donkey dick!

What's Included

  • 125 high-quality images in JPG format
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