Delilah Jones is the best detective on the drug interdiction task force. She starts her shift at the precinct, but finishes it undercover in a motel room with some of the dealers she's trying to bust. She's spent a long time infiltrating their gang, and has gained their trust by readily fucking them, and anybody they bring over to sell weed to. Back at the precinct the next day, she briefs members of the taskforce on the upcoming bust she is orchestrating. Back at the motel, the next buyer shows up and it's none other than Michael Johnson. Delilah meets him in the parking lot and leads him up to the motel room. After a brief introduction to the dealers, they leave to go retrieve the package. Needing to kill some time before the taskforce raids the motel room, Delilah offers herself up to the buyer as per usual and leads Michael over to the bed for some fun. She's initially shocked by the size of Michael's member but is up for the challenge and bends over so he can go to town on her. While Michael's banging Delilah out, the dealers return. They've seen Delilah take a lot of dick, but are a little pissed off seeing such a big dick plowing their home girl. Delilah smooths things out, and then hops on top of Michael and rides him while the dealers film it on their phones. Meanwhile, the task force shows up to the motel and prematurely raids the room. Michael had been so busy bouncing Delilah's booty on his lap that he never retrieved the cash to make the deal go down. The task force members are shocked when they see the size of the member Delilah is riding and accidentally acknowledge here, blowing her cover.  Delilah berates the members of the task force for blowing her cover and the bust. Michael nervously asks Delilah if he's in trouble, to which she tells him he's not since they have nothing on him, but he'll need to come down to the station for questioning. Back at the station, Delilah has taken Michael to the interrogation room. She's already finished questioning him, but now they're finishing what they started in the motel room, and they're going to be in there a long time....

What’s Included:

  • 99 Images of a big booty detective on the job!

More Information

More Information
CharactersFemale, Male
ContentAnal, Blowjob, Kissing, Orgasm, Handjob, Ass job, Paizuri (Tit Fucking), Orgy, Double Penetration
How manyCouple, Threesome
Breast SizeBig Tits
Dick SizeHuge Dick
Ass SizeHuge Ass
Theme / KinkUniform, Mature, Public / Exhibition, First Responder
GenreContemporary, Crime & Mystery
Year Released2024
Image Count99
File Size59 MB

Big Booty Bust


An undercover detective with a phat ass booty is willing to do anything necesarry to make her busts-including devouring big dicks along the way!

What’s Included:

  • 99 Images of a big booty detective on the job!
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