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West and Yosei discuss the state of West's trials for the dragon heart and send him to find Qiu Long's lair, and he's found by Feng, who takes him there to engage him in a battle of questions that soon sees them both disrobed.

Feng toys with West by altering their surroundings but ultimately gives him his reward, climbing onto his dick in a secluded pond. West then lifts her out of the water, fucking her vertical until completion, but Tess arrives and casts a spell on him.

Finding Feng missing, West goes in search of Zaidi, who's busy throat- and doggy-fucking two local old men for information. Both men cum when she switches to a handjob, and Zaidi takes West to where she's told to find Qiu Long, who then alters them to where Tess has taken Qiu Long's servants.

What’s Included:

  • 106-image QHD .jpg 3DX comic, Text and No Text


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CharactersFemale, Male
ContentKissing, Cumshot, Orgasm, Spit Roast
How manyCouple, Threesome
Breast SizeBig Tits, Nice Tits
Dick SizeAverage Dick
Ass SizeNice Ass
GenreAdventure, Fantasy
Year Released2022
File Size268 MB

Advanced Dracology - Part 5

West's next trial takes him back to Qiu Long's lair, where he plays a game of questions with Feng that leads to fucking in a pond.

What’s Included:

  • 106-image QHD .jpg 3DX comic, Text and No Text
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