Diana and Swain approach the Amazon Queen who tells Swain he isn't welcome and still can't set foot on the island. Hovering, he goes to two Amazon women who suck his cock before he fucks one from behind until she comes. He then goes to the other warrior who raises her pussy for him to fuck missionary before he lifts her up to finish her floating her vertical.

Convinced, the Amazon Queen takes Swain to her chambers where he licks and fingers her pussy. She shows him a vision of Diana's future on a space station, where West fucks her doggystyle on a table before she rides him backward and forward until she cums.

The Amazon Queen gives her blessing for Diana and Swain to explore Man's world.

What’s Included:

  • 105-render comic in QHD, Text and No Text versions

More Information

More Information
CharactersFemale, Male
ContentOral, Blowjob
How manyCouple, Threesome
Breast SizeNice Tits
Dick SizeAverage Dick
Ass SizeNice Ass
GenreAdventure, Fantasy
Year Released2022
Image Count105
File Size173 MB

Diana the Amazon and the Tribunal of Sojourn


Diana and Swain must convince her mother and sisters to let them leave Amazon Island.

What’s Included:

  • 105-render comic in QHD, Text and No Text versions
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