Futanarica takes the most intense Futa fantasies to the beach, and you are about to witness a very hot couple of babes unleashing their sexual desires with romantic waves in the background. Both gorgeous girls have big tits, and one of them has a big penis too which opens a lot of sexual possibilities in this 3D animated set. Voyage is a bundle you will fall in love with, and you will most likely go back to this couple over and over again!

The vacation of this Futanari couple is about to reach new heights with every sexual scene they engage in from anal sex to vaginal sex, blowjobs, oral sex, big tits play, cunnilingus, squirting, creampie, and explosive cumshots. The 3D animations are split into several parts that put together this bundle. In total, you receive no less than 60 minutes of Futanari 3D animated scenes and plenty of climaxes as you go through them with these beautiful girls.

The first part of Voyage is a 16-minute and 7-second fully 3D animated video and 145 HQ pics in 4K UHD. Voyage Part 2 brings 21 minutes and 48 seconds of 3D animations, and also 135 HQ matching 4K UHD images in JPG format. The last part of the bundle is the Voyage POV Edition with 21 minutes and 15 seconds of 3D animated action, and 203 HQ matching 4K UHD images in JPG format.

All videos come with impeccable audio that helps you relate to the characters and feel this sexual experience at an even deeper level.

What’s Included:

  • Voyage - Part 1
  • 16:07 min. fully animated video in 4K UHD MP4
    145 HQ pics in 4K UHD
  • Voyage - Part 2
  • 21:48 Mins 4K UHD animated video with audio in MP4 format
  • 135 HQ matching 4K UHD images in JPG format
  • Voyage POV Edition
  • 21:15 mins 4K UHD animated video with audio in MP4 format
  • 203 HQ matching 4K UHD images in JPG format
  • Explosive cumshots, dripping wet creampies and body-shaking orgasm POV scenes
  • Sexy voices by mix of talented human and AI actresses charged by spicy bodily sounds

Voyage - Bundle


Set off to get off! There's no better place to connect with a lover than on the open seas, and this couple can't wait to unleash all of their nautical naughtiness on each other. One animation wasn't enough to contain their oceanic orgasms: between 2 parts, see their love and cum fly over hundreds of beautiful renders and just over 60 minutes of female on futa animation!  

What’s Included:

  • Voyage - Part 1
  • Voyage - Part 2
  • Voyage POV Edition
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This is an image set (not an animation)
This product contains full-length animation.
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