All parody babes are fabulously precious, but some of them simply stand out amongst the rest. Whether it's their iconic aesthetics, their incredible personas, or simply just some incredible big tits! Wanksy 3D brings us the very best of the best they can deliver with their second release of Vixens of the Month! This time we get new models, more animation, new setups, and better quality. All excellent descriptions for a sequel product.

Focusing purely on 3D porn animation, this set delivers eighteen short animation clips with 4K and FHD. Many of them are straight, dude on gal action, but there's some futa in the mix as well. The variety is also stunning! The parody babes range from super-heroine to adventurer to idol singer to zombie hunter; there's plenty of options here for your pleasure and perusal, in various states of undress and compromise.

The scenes include public masturbation, BDSM cocksucking, a femdom pile-driver, and plenty more. Big tit gals getting fucked hard by thick cocks – what more do we need? Well, more big tits, more giant cocks, and all the video we can handle. Fortunately, Wanksy 3D has two other releases with more of the same 3D porn goodness to check out on their page.

Between all the different characters and setups, positions and match-ups, there is something for everyone here! So don’t miss out on all of these juicy pussies getting filled and pleased, rendered beautifully and made available in 3D porn animation. Enjoy them all tonight!

What's Included

  • 18 Short animation clips in MP4 format

Vixens of the Month #2

Wanksy 3D

Vixen of the Month winners from 2021. These girls are proof that they can make your dick twitch the most each month.

What's Included

  • 18 Short animation clips in MP4 format
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Animations in this product are only short clips (not full-length)
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