Amusteven offers a great male-on-female 3D animation featuring unforgettable characters like Tiff, Barry, and Claude. These three end up in an intense sexual marathon that will leave you steamy and exhausted once you give into their affairs without any inhibitions.

The backstory is a very kinky one. It turns out that Tiff is a sexy bartender with big tits and insatiable sexual desires. While waiting for her boyfriend Claudio, also known as Claude, she decides to unwind and lose her bra. Tiff pours herself a glass of wine and tries to relax when Barry, Claude’s best friend, walks in. Tiff gets plenty of sexual action, even if it comes from a different man than she expected. And you get to join her in those intense 3D animation anal sex scenes, hot blowjobs, and oral sex scenes until the explosive cumshots and creampie scenes happen. Tiff will not remain unsatisfied as her sexy body is always a wanted trophy for men, and Barry is the lucky one tonight!

This package comes with Tight Fantasy 1 and 2, which you get for a great price. In the first part, there is a 14-minute and 21-second 3D animation in 1920x1080 resolution, 4 sex positions and 1 cumshot scene. In the second part of this story, you receive a 22-minutes movie with motion-captured animations and 3 cumshot scenes. The second part also comes with over 200 lines of dialogue that will make the entire 3D animated porn story even more enticing. The voice acting of Marie Fasolt, FatBoiiPanda, and Neptune covers the audio.

Tight Fantasy 

The story begins with Tiff, a busty bartender who’s been waiting all day for her boyfriend Claudio (sometimes called Claude) to return from one of his mercenary missions. In anticipation of Claudio’s arrival, Tiff has ditched her bra and poured a glass of wine. But when another man — Claudio’s best friend Barry — walks in, her night goes differently than expected.

Tight Fantasy 2

Tiff's boyfriend, Claude, has finally returned home, but their romantic reunion is a bit of a let down. Fortunately for her, Barry is eager to get his cock back in her tight little holes, so she won't be left unsatisfied for long. 

Cuckolding and netorare fans rejoice, this one's for you! Tiff's infidelity goes a step further as she fucks Barry just a few feet away from her boyfriend. Will Claude wake up and catch them, or miss it all? And with all the cum Barry is pumping into Tiff's pussy, just how cucked is Claude going to get?

  • Tight Fantasy
    • A 14 minutes 21 seconds animation in 1920x1080 resolution
    • Two versions: Standard version and alternate version featuring naked Tiff with pubic hair and tanlines)
    • 4 sex positions
    • 1 creampie cumshot
  • Tight Fantasy 2
    • 22-minutes movie with motion captured animations (no short loops)
    • 3 creampie cumshots
    • Over 200 lines of dialogues
    • External subtitles (.srt) in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified and traditional)
    • Mid-Late December update: Additional content, to be added in mid-late December
  • Voices by Marie Fasolt, FatBoiiPanda, and Neptune

More Information

More Information
CharactersFemale, Male
ContentAnal, Oral, Blowjob, Masturbation, Cumshot, Creampie
How manyCouple
Breast SizeHuge Tits
Dick SizeBig Dick
Ass SizeHuge Ass
Theme / KinkMuscles
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Parody
Year Released2021
File Size5 GB

Tight Fantasy 1 & 2


Get Tight Fantasy & Tight Fantasy 2 for a low price! 36 minutes of 3DX animation from Amusteven, starring Tiff, Barry, and Claude. Featuring 4 cumshots, 8 sex positions in gorgeous HD.

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This product contains full-length animation.

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