Continuing from where we left off in The Warrior Queen 2, the attackers make their escape by horse. The summoned monsters of their enemy pursue them, enraged. But the prowess of the other futa queen outmatches the monster dogs completely, and she puts them down with bow and arrow in full 3D animation.

Safe from their pursuers, the other futanari queen and her hero are remarkably mirrored in their relationship to the pair we saw in The Warrior Queen 2. With incredibly big tits and an appetite for her futa queen, the hero beckons her for a lusty celebration. They lock lips and kiss, inciting the futa's cock to grow between her thighs and press against her pussy.

Enamored, the hero slides down to her knees to properly worship her queen. After getting her dick nice and wet, she lays down on her back and spreads her legs wide. The futanari queen takes the invitation and slides into her pussy with her massive cock. The hero's big tits bounce and sway as she's filled and fucked in 3D animation.

They shift to a side-fuck before the futa queen lets her hero service her in full. In reverse cowgirl, she pumps up and down the queen's shaft, taking it as deep into her pussy as she's able. She pivots to facing her, so she can enjoy the pleasure in her queen's face as they fuck.

The couple finishes off with doggy style and then a cumshot all over the hero's big tits – and gosh, that futanari cock has a lot of cum to give! Enjoy it all in this 7 and a half minute 3D animation today!

What’s Included:

07:37 mins high-quality (1920×1080p) animation in MP4 format

1 cumshot / voice sex

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More Information
CharactersFutanari, Female
ContentOral, Blowjob, Kissing, Masturbation, Cumshot, Orgasm, Facial, Handjob, Ass job
How manyCouple
Breast SizeHuge Tits, Big Tits
Dick SizeHuge Dick, Big Dick
Ass SizeBig Ass
Theme / KinkStep Fantasy
GenreAction, Fantasy
Year Released2023
File Size199 MB

The Warrior Queen 3



Futanari queen, the fight between the two kingdoms grows into something much more fun. Powerful and strong, and so sexy and challenging! Wild fucking in a new realization of the Fire Desire studio called The Warrior Queen 3.

What’s Included:

07:37 mins high-quality (1920×1080p) animation in MP4 format

1 cumshot / voice sex


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