In this 6th episode of Sensual Adventures by the talented artist Puppetmaster, the gorgeous futanari characters are met with a surprise! This episode of the porn game shows Trinity deciding to enjoy a massage at one of the resort’s spa rooms after she engages in an intense sexual encounter with Jasmine and Brittany. Her usual masseuse is not available, but we are introduced to the hot and seductive Marcia, one of the latest futa characters arriving in the Sensual Adventures Roster. 

The massage develops into an intense foursome with unending desire that you can enjoy as Trinity and the other hot babes please and satisfy each other’s sexual desires. As the visual novel unfolds before your eyes, you can enjoy them in up to 8 different sexual positions so these big tits bounce in every which way you desire. 

Each 3D animation in this release is crafted with great attention to detail so there's rich depth to enjoy in this release. The audio is impeccably created with the sexy voice acting performances of Marie Fasolt, Deeji, Akuji Saito, and Dorn. This sex game delivers 26 minutes and 51 seconds of HD, fully animated video in mp4 format that comes in different versions of daytime pussy, daytime anal, nighttime pussy, and nighttime anal. 

You need Windows 10 OS or stronger to play Sensual Adventures. In it, you can customize the positions of the 3D futanari characters, change view options as you please, select between different positions, and create different sex scenes and cumshot scenes. Get the sex game and join Trinity in her new sexual adventure as you play one of the most satisfying porn games!

What's Included

Cinematic version: 26 minutes 51 seconds of HD, fully animated video in mp4 format. Comes in 4 variations: day time pussy, day time anal, night time pussy, and night time anal.

Interactive version: Windows-only media player with a number of features.

  • Customizeable positions - choose between pussy or anal, night or day, and music or no music.
  • Allows for all the view options of the cinematic version but change whenever you like.
  • Character customization to change hair, skin, wetness, balls, and other features.
  • 8 sex positions and 4 Cumshots!
  • Movie-Maker: 10 new poses to choose from with free camera control. Also includes auto-camera mode, for an immersive, movie-like experience, as well as character pose switching, and penetration choice for some (but not all) poses.

Minimum System Requirements for Interactive Version:

  • 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: INTEL i5, AMD Ryzen 3
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060, AMD Radeon RX 570
  • Software requires an active internet connection for authentication

More Information

More Information
ContentAnal, Oral, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Cumshot, Double Penetration
Breast SizeBig Tits
GenreComedy, Contemporary
Year Released2021
File Size5.4 GB

Sensual Adventures: Episode 6 The Revelation


After her epic fuck with Brittany and Jasmine, Trinity decides to go for a well-deserved massage at one of the resort’s spa rooms. Unfortunately for her however, the usual masseuse isn’t available and Trinity finds herself confronted by a very hot replacement. Luckily, this newcomer is a very willing substitute.

The Sensual Adventures Roster just gets bigger and better as Puppetmaster introduces us to the long-promised Marcia. And what an epic entrance as we also re-unite with the series’ other three characters to create a sultry and hot af foursome!  Sensual Adventures: Episode 6, The Revelation will get your blood up with a plethora of positions, hot teasing and even a sex train that’s bound to blow your mind! 

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