FullFrontalBeef brings you the demo version of the popular 3D sex game, Research & Development 1, to enjoy before you dive deeper into Samuel’s experience. Samuel Mosley is about to have a life-changing experience. He is a fresh Bioengineering graduate from Northfield University, looking forward to exploring his potential in this career field. His professor recommended him for a project of the company Titan Biogenics.

Samuel needs to pass an interview with the CEO of the company to get the job of his dreams. But he will get more than professional experience as he tries to match the standards and succeeds at every single challenge. This desktop porn game brings you a lot of sexual interaction, and there is even more to look forward to in the full version. The 3D animations are perfectly realized to offer you intense satisfaction and limitless sexual pleasure. The demo version offers you a flavor of the 10 3D animations of 180 frames you will receive in the complete version of the sex game. 56 Full HD images highlight the perfection of Samuel’s body and let your imagination wonder about all the sexual positions you would want to see him in.

From masturbation to handjobs and cumshots, this desktop porn game has everything you need to find a higher level of sexual pleasure and manifest your deepest desires. Just like the complete version, this demo comes in PC software and OSX software, so you can choose the type of download that suits your computer. If you are into fantasy 3D animation, this sexual adventure is right up your alley!

After all, it brought you this far, right?

What's Included (in the full game):

  • 10 animations of 180 frames.
  • 56 Full HD Images
  • Estimated playthrough length is 50 minutes.
  • Background music


System Requirements

Windows 10/11 or OSX 12.1 or higher.
Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
6GB Ram
420mb Harddisk
1920X1080 screen resolution or higher!


More Information

More Information
ContentMasturbation, Cumshot, Orgasm, Handjob
How manyCouple
Dick SizeBig Dick
Theme / KinkBDSM, Medical, Public / Exhibition, Muscles
Year Released2023
File Size288 MB

Research & Development 1 - Demo


Being a fresh Bioengineering graduate from Northfield University, Samuel Mosley's world is about to be changed drastically. When his professor's recommendation brings him the chance of a life-time... A job interview at the world-renown Titan Biogenics...

Finding out the CEO of Titan Biogenics has a particular project he wants you on, due to your professor being a gossipy-bitch... No big deal at all.

After all, it brought you this far, right?

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