MarlisStudio takes you on a journey of sexuality and suspense with the Marli Adventure series. The first part of this 3D animation porn game brings the beautiful Marli face to face with the authorities, and she is in for a fascinating Futanari sexual experience. The police try to make Marli confess her crimes, but they have no evidence to constrain her into such a confession. So, Marli has an important choice to make with your help: she can confess and go to jail to face her punishment or, she can try to get away with it. Which one will it be?

As you dive into Marli Adventure Part 1, you discover that the police officers are hot Futanari babes who show no mercy for Marli during the interrogation. And they use all the tactics they know to get the truth out of their suspect! The sexy blonde, Marli, seems to enjoy the interrogation as it goes from one intense 3D animated sex scene to another.

After you purchase this porn game, you receive realistic static renders, 3D animations, enticing dialogues, and professional voice acting to make the entire Futanari adventure even more captivating. The interrogator Futa babe is a gorgeous brunette with big tits who loves to have Marli play with her penis. They enjoy everything from intense blowjobs to deep anal, 3D sex scenes involving sex toys for even more pleasure and satisfying creampie and cumshot moments.

The animated adventure comes as a desktop porn game for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems, but you can enjoy it as a mobile porn game with its Android version. All you have to do is download the application and start your journey with Marli! Remember that her faith is in your naughty hands!

What’s Included:

  • realistic static renders
  • animations
  • dialogues
  • professional voice acting

Available for platforms Windows. Linux, Mac OS, Android

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More Information

More Information
CharactersFutanari, Female
ContentAnal, Oral, Sex Toys, Cumshot, Creampie, Orgasm
How manySolo, Couple, Threesome
Breast SizeNice Tits
Dick SizeBig Dick
Ass SizeNice Ass
Theme / KinkCosplay, Uniform, Gym, Muscles
GenreAction, Adventure, Parody, Superhero
Year Released2023
File Size213 MB

Marli Adventure Part 1


Marli was caught by the police, there will be an interrogation. Marli must confess to her criminal deeds. After all, the police have no evidence. So the cops need to get Marli to confess. Will they succeed? Does Marli confess?
You will be able to choose: will Marli be bored in jail? Confess report to the police?
Make your choice and find out if Marli can escape punishment?!
Or will she have to stay in jail?!

Available for platforms Windows. Linux, Mac OS, Android

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