Amy and Lexi have been locked up for the weekend waiting for their court date (see Futa Cop I), and today is the big day! Their court-appointed attorney has a quick de-briefing with Officer Riley tath turns into counsel sucking and fucking the officer's huge cock, turns out Riley and counsel Baily are old friends who take opportunities like this to “catch up” on old times.

Once at the courthouse, Judge Regina offers the two babes, now dressed in Barbie slut outfits compliments of Officer Riley, a deal, “Court services” for 30 days, and all charges are dropped. The girls think this is a good idea and agree.

Amy and Lexi soon realize that their layer is being ass fucked by Officer Riley, and Judge Regina has had a hot little Asian under her desk sucking her off the entire time. Needless to say, the two girls start their “Court Service” by servicing Regina and Riley's Futa cocks. 

90 2K Resolution Images
A comic Version and a No-Text Version 

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Futa Cop III


Part 3 of the Futa Cop Series with Officer Riley, Lexi, Amy, and introducing Counseler Baily and Judge Regina.

90 2K Resolution Images
A comic Version and a No-Text Version 

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