Rebecca is the kind of boss that one could only wish for. She knows how to get work done, so she expects the best performance from her employees. As a result, she takes the time to give her workers some extra training. Today, Hana, the Futa secretary, is going to be getting some of this training.

It starts with Hana typing up a merger. Rebecca wants to see if Hana can work well under pressure, so she straps a vibrating cock toy to the Futa secretary. Will she be able to focus on her work? It doesn’t seem so when Rebecca turns up the vibration to the maximum level. It ends with Hana shooting a giant cumshot across the room. This is just the beginning of this exciting 3D Futanari animation.

The two Futa babes then strip down, and Rebecca teaches Hana some more techniques to help win clients over. This includes orgasmic techniques for sensual handjobs, titjobs, and deepthroat blowjobs. Once the pair are adequately wet and horny, they enjoy some deep ass-fucking that will only lead to giant orgasms for both of them. Come join these Futa babes as they explore every part of their curvy bodies.

Corporate training includes a 22-minute 3D Futanari animation that you won't want to end. If the preview doesn’t get you excited about this video, then you’re on the wrong site! Give it a watch to get an idea of the high-quality animation and detailed sex scenes.

What's Included:

22 minutes of teasing and sex between 2 well endowed futas rendered in FullHD and 50FPS. Fully voiced and animated, with various positions featuring handjob, blowjob, titjob, cowgirl, doggy and missionary as well as several cumshots.

More Information

More Information
ContentOral, Blowjob, Masturbation, Cumshot, Creampie, Selfsuck, Paizuri (Tit Fucking)
Breast SizeBig Tits
Year Released2020
File Size2.4GB

Corporate Training


Rebecca is a tough futa boss, expecting the best performance out of all her employees. One of them is Hana, her futa secretary who is a bit of a quick shot. After failing one of Rebecca's latest exercises, Hana gets put through a rigorous training session.

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