Yarina stirs, finding herself in Zaidi's bedroom with West sleeping in a chair nearby. She approaches him, and he wakes up, comforting her as she begins to share the story of their past.

West met the sisters Yarina and Zaidi when they were young elves and he was in the service of Neemoha as Xanwes. They drew close, West and Yarina becoming lovers. Neemoha returned to claim Xanwes, but Yarina and Zaidi formed the Fae court, bringing peace and liberating Xanwes.

Xanwes, Yarina, and Zaidi ruled from the Grove, taking turns fucking monsters who came to swear fealty. Zaidi was sad she had no beloved and Yarina sent Xanwes to comfort her. As Xanwes complimented her, passions grew, and they began kissing. They then moved to a bed they altered into existence, and Zaidi titfucked Xanwes before licking and sucking his big cock.

Zaidi then straddled his face as he ate her pink pussy, then fingered her before sliding his cock inside. He fucked her missionary before she rose to grind on his cock, then fucked him cowgirl. Her eyes glowed green as she came, and the troubled Zaidi fled.

When Yarina finishes her story, she and West begin hugging and kissing to comfort each other, climbing onto Zaidi's bed as he places his cock between her tits and fondling them. He then pulls her up as he kneels to eat her pussy, but Neemoha arrives to interrupt.

Neemoha taunts them and vanishes, and Daleyza and Elle arrive, telling West and Yarina that they've found Zaidi.

What's Included:

  • 106 high-quality renders with and without text in JPG format

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More Information
CharactersFemale, Male, Monster, Elves
ContentBlowjob, Cunnilingus, Kissing, Orgasm, Paizuri (Tit Fucking)
How manyCouple
Breast SizeBig Tits, Nice Tits
Dick SizeBig Dick, Average Dick
Ass SizeBig Ass, Nice Ass
GenreAdventure, Fantasy
Year Released2023
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Conventional Work-Study - Part 1


Yarina awakens and reveals to West more of his past with her and Zaidi.

What’s Included:

  • 106 high-quality renders with and without text in JPG format
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