Bloodlust: Cerene-Royal Descent Is an enticing Futanari porn game that will charm you. Miro Affect3D sure knows how to satisfy his fans, and since Cerene and Duchess Sophia were so well-received in the other parts of the Bloodlust series, they have now become the central protagonists.

It turns out that Prince Tristan is dispatched so Cerene, the gorgeous vampire, and Sophia remain alone. Cerene always had her eyes on the beautiful, big tits Sophia, but she never had the opportunity to express her lustful desire. Now her time has come and she wants to become a sexy dickgirl with a penis of 14.9 inches (wow!) to seduce Sophia and manifest intense sexual fantasies.

Duchess Sophia knows that she can’t access the kingdom as a queen without Prince Tristan. But after she discovers his sexual affair with Cerene she has conflicted emotions. This is the perfect opportunity to get revenge and try some naughty fantasies with the vampire hottie. But will she take the chance or shy away?

Cerene spied on Tristan and Sophia for many years as she was interested in their relationship for her pleasure. Now she has the Duchess all to herself and suspects this gorgeous lady has some lustful sexual desires that she plans to bring to the surface.

The adult game is rich in Futanari action from anal, vaginal, and oral sex and intense cumshots that you will want to experience over and over again. Once you purchase the desktop porn game you receive a digital pack full of 3D sex scenes, captivating 3D animations, plenty of fun stuff, and even scenes dedicated exclusively to Sophia’s big tits, which Cerene can’t resist.

The total content of this visual novel adult game is over 53 minutes, accessible in MP4 format. Plus, you receive subtitles in English, French, and Spanish to use as you please on the dialogues between the two hotties. There is a mobile porn game version you can enjoy, as the movie version is optimized for such devices.

What's Included

  • Main & Cut scenes: approx. 13:53 mins
  • Sex scenes Vampire Lair: 10 x sex scenes @ 4-6 short looped angles, 47 angles total
    • Main story play length: incl. main & cut scenes approx. 35:49 mins
    • Positions include: slow blowjob, fast blowjob, foward blowjob, hands-free pussy-cock balance, pussy-cock balance deeper, missionary pussy, anal 1, anal 2, anal 3, anal 4, insertions, cum shots
  • Fun Stuff Sex scenes: 15 x sex scenes @ 1-4 short looped angles, 40 angles total
    • Fun stuff play length: approx. 17:28 mins
    • Positions include: piledriver (anal), piledriver (pussy), Cerenes making out, autofellatio, deepthroat 14.9 inch, deepthroat 20 inch, Sophia BJ POV, Sophia big boobs 1, Sophia big boobs 2, Cerene huge boobs, missionary X-ray, anal X-ray, Sayako stroking cock, Sayako grinding, Cerene grinding
  • Total Content: play time at default settings, approx. 53:17 mins
  • Format: 1080p HD video @ 30 FPS
  • Full 35:49 mins Movie in mp4
  • Full 35:49 mins Movie No Music version in mp4
  • Mobile optimized Movie version
  • Subtitles in English, French, and Spanish

More Information

More Information
Artist/CircleMiro Affect3D
CharactersFutanari, Female
ContentAnal, Oral, Cumshot, Creampie
How manyCouple
Breast SizeHuge Tits, Big Tits
Dick SizeHuge Dick
Ass SizeBig Ass, Nice Ass
Theme / KinkFemDom
Year Released2018
File Size2 GB

Bloodlust: Cerene - Royal Descent

Miro Affect3D

Bloodlust: Cerene - Royal Descent
The story of Bloodlust: Cerene continues with a twist in another chapter: Royal Descent. In this new installment Prince Tristan has been dispatched, leaving the vampire Cerene and Duchess Sophia alone together… Sounds like the perfect setup for a little sweet talk, holding hands, and… Well, not really. Cerene has a better idea: use her magic to transform into a dickgirl and fuck Sophia into next week with a 14.9 inch cock. And while Sophia might seem a little bashful about the whole thing, she’s eager to explore her most deviant desires. Watch the trailer to find out just how this cute this pair are! 


Please note that the software application of Bloodlust: Cerene - Royal Descent runs on Adobe AIR, which is a 32-bit program. If you are using a device which only supports 64-bit programs, you won't be able to play this software. Please check your operating system in advance. 


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