Episode One: 190 pages
Meet Shara and her husband Jeremy… they have what can only be described as an unexpected rent crisis and Shara needs to find a solution...

Then one of Sharas’s friends Aleah offers an unexpected solution as she introduces her to the world of ‘social media influencing’. Then things get steamy in their hotel room as Shara and Aleah head off to ‘The Big Social’ convention and then go totally off the rails at the pool party.

Episode Two: 200+ pages
We pick up after Shara arrives home from the bog social conference after checking on her husband.  Then a mysterious package arrives that opens up a new set of doors for Shara, a meeting with her friend Aleah ends with her live-streaming a non-safe for work dildo session to her fans.  Then a visit to a club turns kinky and ends with Sharm, two twins and Aleah with a camera…

Episode Three: 100+ pages
We catch up with Shara as she arrives home and finds her husband knows more about the night before than she expected… and he has a proposition she never expected.

Episode Four 150+ Pages
We catch up with Shara and Jeremy in the hotel room the morning after Jeremy had watched Shara get pounded by porn star Troy.

Then, they head off to an amazing club where Shara is fucked in literally every day, including a 50-guy creampie, put in the stocks for public use, and an epic sex session in a pool of baby oil.

What’s Included:

  • Blackmaled Shara Pt1 - 4 (650+ pages)
  • Additional promotional images

Blackmaled: Shara's Story Compete Bundle


All four episodes (over 600 pages) of Blackmaled Shara's story in one bundle.

What’s Included:

  • Blackmaled Shara Pt1 - 4 (650+ pages)
  • Additional promotional images
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