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Adicktion Therapy: Season 2

It's a new dawn for famous model Amelie Rochester! She's recently discovered that futanari, her ultimate fantasy, are real. Even better, she's been thoroughly dicked down in the best therapy sessions of her life by her hesitant dom, Jocelyn Whitley! Josie's gen-z futa assistant may have gotten roped in, as well…

All's right with the world as Amy goes out for her morning jog. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, donuts and junk food are littered all over the sidewalk…

Okay, maybe everything isn't so perfect after all!

Break out your insurance card and get ready to book another appointment with Adicktion Therapy season 2! Amelie may have had the time of her life during her afternoon-long fuckfest, but she'll quickly learn that there are serious consequences to her lustful actions. She feels a bit guilty about being the cause of Jazz' breakup, but what better way is there to bring 2 lovebirds back together than with a pair of enormously huge girl cocks?

Nonsane kicks off what's guaranteed to be another stunning series full of awesome character development, visually alluring angles and buckets upon buckets of pent-up lady jizz! If you have an addiction to hot futas pounding and creampie-ing gorgeous girls, this is a great place to get help!


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