Troubleshooting - 3D Secure

‘An error occurred during 3D Secure authentication’ 

Most credit cards have a 3D Secure system to verify that it’s really you making the purchase to protect you from fraud. If your card is enrolled for this system, you will see a pop-up appear at checkout after you click the PLACE ORDER button. You’ll need to enter a password or (SMS) code in the pop-up to authorize the payment.

An error shows if the 3D Secure step failed. Please try one of the following solutions:

  • Check with your card issuer whether your card can be used to make international payments. It’s possible that the card you’re using doesn’t work outside of your country. Affect3DStore is based in Cyprus.
  • Make sure not to close or cancel the pop-up when you see it. 

  • Make sure to enter the correct password or (SMS) code in the pop-up.
  • If you did not see a pop-up when the error occurred, disable your pop-up blocker on the site for a few minutes. Then retry your order. 3D Secure opens up in an additional window that is easily blocked by pop-up/ad blockers.

  • If you used a proxy or VPN to access the store, disable it for a few minutes. Retry your order in a new browser page. Having an unusual IP address (such as a country different from the one where your credit card was issued) may cause your bank to restrict your payments.

  • If you’re trying to order via a mobile phone, retry the order via a computer or laptop. Some mobiles are not configured to allow pop-ups and this could stop your payment going through.

  • Do not spam the Place Order button if your payment failed the first time. Spamming the button may cause your card to be declined.