Weekend Sale! 20% off with coupon!

Happy Weekend, Affect3D readers! Now we know, we know... Some of you don't actually have weekends off from work. And even for those of you who do, there might be some obligation to a family or friend that prevents you from truly kicking back. Well, regardless of what you're doing this weekend, we have a 20% coupon to make it relatively better than whatever it currently is. The aforementioned coupon code is "weekend20" and it's good until 11:59pm Monday night. (You're getting an extra day because we shorted you a sale during the last major three-day weekend.)

As usual, the 20% coupon is good for most but not all products in the Affect3D Store, so if you encounter a few items it doesn't work on, it's actually working as intended. Anyway, enjoy! And if you like the promo artwork, it's from Felina's Sex on the Beach by Ranthar!

Promo code: WEEKEND20

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