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These days most people are in agreement that Christopher Columbus probably shouldn't have a holiday name after him, but since we all love a day off there's been an initiative to rebrand the holiday to something more acceptable. Some have suggest Indigenous Peoples' Day, but here at Affect3D we'd like to facetiously suggest "Dickgirl Discovery Day!" This would be a day for celebrating our own personal discoveries of dickgirl porn, exploring new and exciting dickgirl porn we haven't seen before, and encouraging others to take a journey into the world of dickgirls.

To celebrate Dickgirl Discovery Day, we're holding a special sale which will get you 25% off most futanari tagged products in the Affect3D Store. To claim your discount just use "disc25" at checkout. You have until 11:59pm Monday the 9th, Pago Pago time to start your dickgirl adventure for the weekend (aka use this coupon).

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