Poolside Sale! 25% off!

Today is Independence Day in one country (and all its territories -- Hi Guam!), but it's just summertime for most of the rest of us. What's the best way to spend summer? Well, if you're a 3DX girl the answer is always going to be "poolside." This is why we're kicking off the Poolside Sale today! For the next week we're offering 25% off most of the Affect3D Store. As usual there's some exclusions but you'll still find plenty of amazing 3DX goodness by heading over to the store now and using the promo code "POOLSIDE" at checkout.

This sale runs until 11:59pm on Wednesday, July 11th so you've got a week to poke around the virtual aisles and pick out whatever you want. If you're new to Affect3D, we run sales on Pago Pago time so there's minimal chance you'll miss the sale from time zone confusion.

FYI today's sale artwork is from All of LCKX by the iconic Looks Can Kill, if you're wanting to see more!

Promo code: POOLSIDE

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