Secret of Beauty 4 Kunoichi Edition





Secret of Beauty 4 - Kunoichi Edition

Since Secret of Beauty 3, The Stone Lady Karen has continued to collect the semen of orcs and men. Any man who has sex with her will experience the most pleasure he's ever had, but at a cost... The Stone Lady steals mens' energy, leaving them unable to stand... or dead. Some believed the Stone Lady was a legendary succubus, while others said she was a devil's concubine. Nobody knew for sure who or what she was, but such a dangerous witch could not be left unchallenged, so a huge bounty was placed on her head.

For a while, no one could find her... Then one day, an assassin, the kunoichi Suzi, finally found Karen's hideout and confronted her. The kunoichi underestimated her, however, and was overwhelmed by the Stone Lady's magic.

Karen considered killing her assassin, but decided in the end that she might be useful to her alive. Thus the kunoichi found herself in jail, where she quietly considers her next move... that is, until the door of the prison cell opens...

Suzi, The Kunoichi

She is a well trained female ninja. It is her specialty to pursue and assassinate the target. Sometimes she uses her beauty to approach her opponent, but it is not the way she likes it. She is good at controlling pleasure even pain through sex. It is also a result of hard training. When she was confined in prison, she was confident that she would not be afraid of any situation.


They were human monks once, who found Karen's lair sometime before Suzi and the order of the brotherhood. Like all men, they could not resist Karen's temptation and succumbed to sex. Karen spared their lives, but injected them both with a wicked spirit. Now they are Karen's faithful servants and sex-mad monsters.

What's Included:

  • Format - 1080p FHD video, 30FPS
  • Multiple Audio Tracks - Switch between Original Version, Music Version, and No Monster Noise Version (VLC Player or Similar recommended)
  • Content - 2 foreplay scenes, 5 sex scenes, double creampie, approx. 17 mins 20 seconds
  • Voice actress - Marie Fasolt
  • Additional Information

    Artist/Circle Jared999D
    Feature Ahegao, Anal, Animation, Big Ass, Big Breasts, Creampie, Group, Huge Cock, Monster
    Genre Fantasy, Horror
    Gender Straight
    Year Released 2018
    Format Movie
    File Size 3GB + 2 GB

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    Secret of Beauty 4 Kunoichi Edition [Jared999D]

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    The kunoichi Suzi pursued The Stone Lady, Karen, but was defeated in combat and thrown into jail. In her solitary contemplation, the kunoichi knows any difficult situation can be controlled... but at that moment the door of the prison cell opens.



    This product contains animation. It's a full-length animated video.

    This is an electronic downloadable product only, which you can download to your computer immediately after purchase. No physical product. No shipping.

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