How to play Girlfriends 4 Ever

Note: You will need Adobe Player to play G4E and a zip extractor. We recommend using Winrar. It's free to use.

1) Make sure to download all three parts of G4E and place them in the same folder. The file size for each part is 500MB for the first two and 235MB for the third. We recommend downloading one file at a time as multiple downloads will slow down your connection and may cause it to cut off before the file is finished downloading.



2) Right-click the RAR labeled "A3D005_Affect3D_Girlfriends4Ever_v1.part1" and then select the option "Extract to A3D005_Affect3D_Girlfriends4Ever_v1" This will automatically create a new folder where your download will unzip to. Make sure to download all three parts with the correct file sizes. You do not have to extract each file, only the first one. The other two rars will automatically extract with the first.


Alternatively, you can double-click the RAR and select "Extract to". Select the folder destination and then extract.


3) Inside your newly created G4E folder, you should find these files. For window users, select the flash application called start.exe in order to start playing. For mac users, use


4) If you've followed the steps correctly, the title screen should load up as shown. Click Play and enjoy!


If you're still having issues with getting your copy to work, contact [email protected] with your order number and the problem you're having.