Cara Lox Private Workout 2





Being Cara Lox comes with a lot of benefits. Those include being extremely rich, getting to travel around the world, personal assistants on your beck and call, and best of all having your own private gym! It's late at night and Cara needs to get a work out in for her next big upcoming adventure. Wearing her form fitting sweats, our sexy heroine begins her workout with some stretches and then some light weight lifting. Getting all warmed up, Cara decides to strip down to her lacy one piece thong outfit to really get her sweat on. Things only heat up from there as Cara decides to bare it for leg day and really get her session going! After getting all hot and sweaty with her workout, Cara Lox decides that her most important muscle needs some additional training, her pussy! Filling her cunt with, fingers, toys, and massive dildos, Cara gives us a show we will never forget! If you’re a fan of Cara Lox then you’ll love this continuation of the Private Workout series!


What's Included

  • 36 images in an easy to read PDF format

Additional Information

Artist/Circle Redrobot3D
Feature Masturbation
Genre Contemporary
Gender Straight
Year Released 2018
Format PDF
File Size 76MB

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Cara Lox Private Workout 2 [Redrobot3D]

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Cara Lox keeps our heart rate up in this sexy continuation of Private Workout series! If you really wanted to see Cara in all her glory doing what she does best, then “Private Workout 2” is the set for you. This hardcore masturbation set features over 36 images in an easy to read PDF format. Thanks for purchasing and supporting Redrobot3D!


What's Included

  • 36 images in an easy to read PDF format


Please note this is an image set (not an animation).

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