Once, Suzi was a wild girl, who rarely spent the night sleeping with the same person more than once. But now she’s settled down…until she isn’t. Her husband doesn’t give her love, lust, or attention. When he flies off alone on a year-long business trip, she gets more repressed, and toys aren’t enough. Finally, one day, she disguises herself and heads to the far edge of town, with only one goal: Sex.

To her surprise, Derek proves not only capable, but willing to meet her needs. As they fuck in a bathroom, a crowd begins to gather around them, and Wild Suzi resurfaces. But her desires run deeper than she ever imagined, as being watched unearths something unexpected in her. When she’s done with today, she will be forever changed…

Jared999D brings to life a seductive tale of exhibitionism and public sex, mixed with interracial one-on-one action. Together with writer andi guinness (of Bloodlust: Cerene and Girlfriends 4 Ever), they weave a story of lust, desire, control, and what it takes to be truly satisfied.

What’s Included:

  • 249 textless images by Jared999D
  • 118 images with story by andi guinness
  • Wild Suzi's Uncontrollable Lust


    Suzi was once a wild girl, sleeping with everything that moves. But now she’s just a regular old housewife. However, her husband doesn’t give her what she needs, and when he flies out on a year-long business trip, she suffers. What’s a girl to do but head to a far part of town where nobody recognizes you and get some action?

    But when Suzi gets rolling with Derek in a public bathroom, she soon starts attracting a crowd. Unexpectedly, not only does her wild side resurface, but she yearns to go farther than she’s ever gone before. Before their very eyes, a new Suzi awakens…

    Includes :
    Wild Suzi's Uncontrollable Lust 1
    USD$ 10.00


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    Artist/Circle Jared999D
    Content Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Huge Cock, Oral
    Genre Contemporary
    Gender Straight
    Year Released
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