Claire; Priya's out-going best friend, leaves Priya alone with Luke in his office during the events of Unchaste - Chapter One. She does this as she has her own matters to attend to; in the shape of an Auction, where two women compete against one another in an attempt to win the highest bid for their sexual services. Claire is up against a rival who recently insulted her, so she's out for blood. She puts everything into destroying her during the Auction. Nobody insults the No.1 after-all. Once the Auction event is over and done with, Claire waits to meet her Client she slyly obtained by playing dirty during the Auction. Once together in the room, her Client (somebody she's had meetings with before) requests something of Claire she's never been able to do. To deep-throat him balls-deep. I'll leave it for you to find out if she actually manages to do it, after-all her client's cock is pretty huge! Once that's out of the way it's time for a very hardcore anal session and it get's pretty filthy! Both participants learn something new about themselves during it and the fallout is going to be something that will determine the path of Unchaste - Chapter Two which is coming soon!

Note: This work can be seen as a standalone piece of work. The first chapter of Unchaste is NOT necessary to gather what's going on. That being said, it will help to have read it in order to see what Claire means towards the ending.


What's Included

  • 65 images in resolution 3075x1995

Unchaste - Claire's Arc - Auction


In Unchaste's first chapter, you got to see Priya's introduction into an underground sex world by her best-friend, Claire. Did you wonder where Claire went when she left Priya with Luke in his office? Well witness what Claire got up to in her very own spin-off arc! The events of this spin-off happen simultaneously with what was happening with Priya, but in a much, much more hardcore way.


What's Included

  • 65 images in resolution 3075x1995
Includes :
Unchaste - Claire's Arc - Auction
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