The sunburnt girl from the first corridor story in Summer Stories finds herself in another corridor, this time with five doors. Behind each door she encounters strange creatures that appear to be men combined with various animals.
Part One: Gator Bait, the first door the sunburnt beauty meets is an alligator-like thing with a strong hunger.
Part Two: Pig Pen, behind the second door is a room similar to a prison cell, it's a good thing she likes a good pork sandwich.
Part Three: Pool Shark, the next encounter occurs in what appears to be an empty pool, which is anything but unoccupied.
Part Four: Horny Toad, the final door brings a chance to get cleaned up with a nice hot shower, but not a solo one.


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  • 69 high-quality images in PDF format

The Corridor 2


The sunburnt girl introduced in The Corridor short story from Summer Stories, tries to find a way out of her predicament, but things don't go as expected as she tries to escape The Corridor.


What's Included

  • 69 high-quality images in PDF format
Includes :
The Corridor 2
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Artist/Circle Sumigo
Content Big Tits, Huge Cock, Monster
Genre Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Gender Straight
Year Released
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