Elf Day Sale! 20% off elves tag!

Happy Elf Day! Err… Well, it’s not really Elf Day. I don’t think there is an Elf Day, and if there is it’s probably not the naked, orc-plowed, 3DX elves I’m thinking about. There is however, an Earth Day, and it’s on Sunday. I assume you can follow my thinking now: Earth Day is about nature. Elves are into nature. A3D has a lot of elf porn, so, for Earthday we're having a sale on elf porn… “Elf Day”.

Straight forward, right?

Okay, cool. So we're going with 20% off any product with the elves tag this weekend. To claim your discount just use coupon code “elfday18” at check out. As always the sale is good for most, but not necessarily all tagged products. This sale will run until Sunday, 11:59pm, Pago Pago time, so take advantage of it before then. Chop chop! Or whatever an elf mouth says...

Promo code: ELFDAY18

Shop elves now!