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Quick View Sensual Adventures - Episodes 1-4 Bundle

Sensual Adventures - Episodes 1-4 Bundle [Puppetmaster]

Regular Price: USD$80.00

Special Price: USD$59.00

The complete first story arc of Puppetmaster's futanari animation series, Sensual Adventures, is now available as a bundle! Now is your chance to grab over 80 minutes of fully animated, futanari fun for a great price!

Quick View Puppetmaster 2019 Collection

Puppetmaster 2019 Collection [Puppetmaster]

Regular Price: USD$191.00

Special Price: USD$98.00

2019 marks the completion of the first Sensual Adventures story arc! If you're new to the series, the Puppetmaster 2019 Collection is the best way to see all things Brittany and Trinity. This bundle includes all of Puppetmaster's animations and games released to date at an amazing discount!

Cockwork Industries Complete Bundle [DigitalSeductions]


Cockwork Industries is an erotic adventure game where you play as Dwayne, winner of the Willy Wanker's Golden Ticket, invited to attend the mysterious event that's about to take place in the infamous science facility - Cockwork Industries.

Learn the mysteries of Cockwork Industries and romance its steaming-hot employees in this thrilling tale of sex, science, deception and panda plushies!


This bundle contains:


Smerinka's Videos and Game Bundle [Smerinka]

Regular Price: USD$44.95

Special Price: USD$35.95

Save 20% and get 3 animated futanari products just for $35.95

This bundle is all about beautiful dickgirls in neo noir settings expressing themselves in a lot of different ways. It is contains most popular Smerinka releases - two full length videos and one animated interactive novel.

Bilitis Street [Cyprine]


5 years ago, Cyprine and Ardente moved in Bilitis street. Here is the whole story.


What's Included

  • Moving In - 38 high-quality images in JPG format + 10 Extra
  • Pen and Paper - 99 high-quality images in JPG format + 38 Extra
  • Busy Bath - 101 high-quality images in JPG format + 14 Extra
  • Variations - 89 high-quality images in JPG format + 27 Extra

Blackmaled Trilogy Mega Bundle 1 [Sexy3DComics]


Welcome to the Blackmaled Trilogy, Mega Bundle No.1

This bundle contains three stand alone illustrated stories of interracial breeding totalling over 1000 pages. Each story follows the main character who will risk everything from their relationship, to pregnancy in order to satisfy her desires.


What's Included

  • Karens Story - 306 pages
  • Kirsty’s Story - 333 pages
  • Lenka’s Story - 412 pages

Yoga Class - Tantric Sex Basics 1 & 2 Bundle [Futanarica]


It all started as a normal girl's nude yoga class and ended with a serie of explosive futanari cumshots, body shaking orgasms, streams of creampies and outrageous futa cum swap and swallow gangbang party! Received and accumulated kundalini energy in the process of this stunning Tantric Sex Basics Yoga Class allowed futa yoga master Mirna and her most advanced associate Sue to experience supreme bliss and get into another space-time dimension.


What's Included

Olympus3DX My Private: Game Bundle [Olympus]

Regular Price: USD$38.85

Special Price: USD$27.95

Get all of the "My Private" games from Olympus3DX for a special price now!

Rebecca & Friends Bundle [Paradox3D]


Get a bundle of three products with Rebecca for one low price! This bundle includes:

ERODrive: One of Rebecca's hobbies is retro cars. She likes to tinker with cars in the garage in her spare time. What could be more erotic than a woman who repairs cars? Rebecca had hot sex in her favorite car, which made her look even more sexy. So Melanie could not resist this... Knowing Rebecca's passion, Melanie decided to give a surprise, appearing in full glory! It is time to get away from the car and plunge into the real drive!

Nice Find: Rebecca and Dori love playing sports together, but even more they love to have some good sex. One day, Rebecca decides to leave an unusual surprise in Dori's locker. Dori excitingly decides to try out her new sex toy! Rebecca was pleasantly surprised when she saw Dori jumping on the rubber dildo. But even more so, Dori wants to jump on Rebecca's huge cock. Time for some passionate private games with each other.

Art Time: In the new series, Rebecca invited Melanie to visit an art studio. Melanie really wanted to get an erotic portrait of herself, so she happily agreed! In the studio, Melanie immediately undressed and began to pose on a swing. Rebecca drew her with a special passion. When the portrait was finished and the final touches were made, Rebecca decides to reward Melanie with unforgettable sex. 


What's Included

  • This bundle includes 170 high quality images.

Sensual Adventures - Episodes 1, 2 & 3 BUNDLE [Puppetmaster]

Regular Price: USD$56.00

Special Price: USD$45.00

Get the full Sensual Adventures experience with all three Episodes from Puppetmaster, in one hot bundle! Enjoy over 45 minutes of fully animated action between futanari girls, Brittany and Trinity! This series features favorite positions, from blowjobs to 69 and tittyfucking! Plus multiple cumshots, creampies, romance, kissing, story, and more!

FutaErotica Vol.2 [JT2XTREME]


This bundle contains FutaErotica Galactic Odyssey, FutaErotica Summer Sizzle, and FutaErotica Winter Wonderland. Enjoy all 3 of these erotic animations and image galleries for a bundled discounted price.

FutaErotica Vol1 [JT2XTREME]


This bundle contains the first 3 releases by JT2XTREME which includes Futa Sensation, FutaErotica Dark Passage, and FutaErotica High Society. Enjoy all 3 of these erotic animations and image galleries for a bundled discounted price.


What's Included

  • Futa Sensation - 30 high-quality images in PDF format, 7:39 total length high-res HD720 video with audio in MP4 format
  • FutaErotica Dark Passage - 50 high-quality Images in PDF format, 8:43 HD720 Video in MP4 format - with Audio
  • FutaErotica High Society - 50 high-quality images in PDF format, 11:16 total length high-res HD720 video with audio in MP4 format

G4E Collection [Miro / Affect3D]


Binge watch episode 1, DLC 1 and DLC 2 of Sayako and Tara's life changing night of intense dickgirl sex. The first night of many more to come!

This is the complete collection of miro's iconic Girlfriends 4 Ever series. An extra large introduction to the dickgirl genre guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on newbies looking for something different and countless hours of fun for long time fans of dickgirls who pack a bigger package.

Paradox3D Big Bundle 2018 [Paradox3D]


Get all the sets from Paradox3D released in 2018 with a very big discount. The discount is 50 percent.

This Bundle includes:

  • Vanilla Weekend: Part 1
  • Vanilla Weekend: Part 2
  • Vanilla Weekend: Part 3
  • Photosession: Rebecca & Dori
  • Photosession: Beach Story
  • Photosession: Hot Night
  • Dragon Girl: Lustful Blade
  • Dragon Girl: Supreme Pleasure
  • Dragon Girl: Unlimited Desires [released in 2019]


What's Included

  • In total, the bundle includes 502 images. All images have a resolution of 2560x1440

Blackmailed - Series 1 Bundle [Sexy3DComics]


Blackmail Season 1 Bundle: Karen and her husband Kevin arrive at what they expect to be a relaxing hotel break. But everything goes off the rails when Karen runs into her ex boyfriend and decides to have one final fling, which turns into blackmail. The next few days unfold into a series of kinky unprotected sex sessions, culminating in an epic 40 guy gang bang… Right in front of her husband. This bundle includes episodes 1-4 of the illustrated story by Sexy3dComics..

If you need a taster you can get Episode one available for FREE here

  • Blackmailed Episode One

    What's Included

    • This bundle includes episodes 1-4 of the blackmailed series
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