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FutaErotica - Collection 2 [JT2XTREME]


FutaErotica Collection 2 contains Vol.4, Vol.5, & Vol.6. That's 9 video animations and 9 image sets, all for a discounted price of $69.95!!!!


What's Included

  • 1. FutaErotica - Heavy Metal (Animation length 15:45 and 30 HiRes images)
  • 2. FutaErotica - Futa 500 (Animation length 16:00 and 30 HiRes images)
  • 3. FutaErotica - Country Lovin' (Animation length 22:30 and 50 HiRes images)
  • 4. FutaErotica - Pirate Island (Animation length 21:00 and 50 HiRes images)
  • 5. FutaErotica - Angels & Demons (Animation length 18:45 and 55 HiRes images)
  • 6. FutaErotica - Jackpot (Animation length 21:00 and 40 HiRes images)
  • 7. FutaErotica - Dick's Diner (Animation length 23:00 and 50 HiRes images)
  • 8. FutaErotica - Law & Order (Animation length 27:00 and 50 HiRes images)
  • 9. FutaErotica - Gym Rats (Animation length 21:15 and 50 HiRes images)

Futas Plaything 1+2 Bundle [3DZen]


Bundle release with Futas Plaything I-II


What's Included

  • Futas Plaything I - 80 high-quality images in JPG format
  • Futas Plaything II - 124 high-quality images in JPG format

Future sex bundle [Nonsane]


Complete image collection of the Future sex series, combined in a pdf format of 323 images! Individual parts included as well.


What's Included

  • Future sex 1 with 67 images in JPG 2560x1440
  • Future sex 2 with 84 images in JPG 2560x1440
  • Future sex 3 with 91 images in JPG 2560x1440
  • Future sex 4 with 81 images in JPG 2560x1440
  • BONUS! PDF file with all parts combined! (323 pages)

FutaErotica Vol. 4 [JT2XTREME]


This bundle contains releases 10-12 by JT2XTREME which includes FutaErotica Heavy Metal, FutaErotica Futa 500, and FutaErotica Country Lovin'. Enjoy all 3 of these erotic animations and image galleries for a bundled discounted price.


What's Included

  • FutaErotica - Heavy Metal (30 images, 15:45 minutes video)
  • FutaErotica - Futa 500 (30 images, 16 minutes video)
  • FutaErotica - Country Lovin' (50 images, 22:30 minutes video)

Elf Slave Bundle 4 [Jared999D]


Get all of the Elf Slave series for a special price now!

Elf Slave: Volunteer One elf, Karen, heard a rumor about the sex slave. Some orcs are used for trading female human and elf. Especially, the elf slave is rare and expensive.

Jenna's Revenge - Elf Slave Story It has been several days since Karen disappeared. The rest of the elves don't know where she went, nor that she volunteered to become a sex slave. One of her fellow elves, Jenna, decides to head out and look for Karen.

Elf Slave 2 The pure elf Suzi is still looking for her missing colleague, Karen. Suzi had been searching in the forbidden forest for a long time. Finally, she runs into a goblin. But can the goblin help her?

Elf Slave 3 : Two Elves Karen was imprisoned in the dungeon cell for several weeks. She seems to enjoy her life now, although many things have changed.

Elf Slave 4 : Cross Fate Two elves Karen and Suzi, constantly had sex with Boer Orcs. During their life, a goblin sneaks into the prison cell.

Elf Slave 5 : Goblin Bride The Boer Orcs think Karen is no longer useful and decide to sell her. On the way, they meet the Spiky Orcs. Suzi accepted the proposal of Vics (the goblin who saved her from the Orc's cell). Vics' friends wanted to share Suzi, but Vics did not allow it.

Puppetmaster 2019 Games Bundle [Puppetmaster]


Puppetmaster is once again providing a discounted bundle of their games, giving us a package just for 2019!


What's Included

  • Sensual Adventures - The Game
  • Sensual Adventures - The Game DLC
  • Brittany Home Alone
  • Brittany Home Alone DLC
  • Brittany Home Alone VR
Quick View Puppetmaster 2019 Collection

Puppetmaster 2019 Collection [Puppetmaster]

Regular Price: USD$191.00

Special Price: USD$98.00

2019 marks the completion of the first Sensual Adventures story arc! If you're new to the series, the Puppetmaster 2019 Collection is the best way to see all things Brittany and Trinity. This bundle includes all of Puppetmaster's animations and games released to date at an amazing discount!

Smerinka's Videos and Game Bundle [Smerinka]

Regular Price: USD$44.95

Special Price: USD$35.95

Save 20% and get 3 animated futanari products just for $35.95

This bundle is all about beautiful dickgirls in neo noir settings expressing themselves in a lot of different ways. It is contains most popular Smerinka releases - two full length videos and one animated interactive novel.

FutaErotica Vol.3 [JT2XTREME]


This bundle contains FutaErotica Enchanted Forest, FutaErotica Aurora and FutaErotica Wild Wild West. Enjoy all 3 of these erotic animations and image galleries for a bundled discounted price.


What's Included

  • Enchanted forest: 30 high-quality images in PDF format and 15:00 total length high-res HD720 video with audio in MP4 format. .
  • Aurora: 30 high-quality images in PDF format and 14:45 total length high-res HD720 video with audio in MP4 format.
  • Wild Wild West: 30 high-quality images in PDF format and 17 minutes total length high-res HD720 video with audio in MP4 format.

FutaErotica Vol.2 [JT2XTREME]


This bundle contains FutaErotica Galactic Odyssey, FutaErotica Summer Sizzle, and FutaErotica Winter Wonderland. Enjoy all 3 of these erotic animations and image galleries for a bundled discounted price.

FutaErotica Vol1 [JT2XTREME]


This bundle contains the first 3 releases by JT2XTREME which includes Futa Sensation, FutaErotica Dark Passage, and FutaErotica High Society. Enjoy all 3 of these erotic animations and image galleries for a bundled discounted price.


What's Included

  • Futa Sensation - 30 high-quality images in PDF format, 7:39 total length high-res HD720 video with audio in MP4 format
  • FutaErotica Dark Passage - 50 high-quality Images in PDF format, 8:43 HD720 Video in MP4 format - with Audio
  • FutaErotica High Society - 50 high-quality images in PDF format, 11:16 total length high-res HD720 video with audio in MP4 format

Girlfriends 4 Ever Collection [Miro Affect3D]


Binge watch episode 1, DLC 1 and DLC 2 of Sayako and Tara's life changing night of intense dickgirl sex. The first night of many more to come!

This is the complete collection of miro's iconic Girlfriends 4 Ever series. An extra large introduction to the dickgirl genre guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on newbies looking for something different and countless hours of fun for long time fans of dickgirls who pack a bigger package.

Quick View Mari's Lingerie Obsession Bundle

Mari's Lingerie Obsession Bundle [TheDude3DX]

Regular Price: USD$29.89

Special Price: USD$24.95

A collection of three sets, containing ""The Urge to Explore"", ""The Desire to Submit,"" and ""The Bliss of Sin."" Starting off a selfsuck extravaganza when Mari explores Kayla's dressing room, the trilogy transitions into all-out fucking when Kayla catches the trespassing dickgirl drenched in her own cum.

It soon escalates into an epic foursome, when Mari realises she's been set up by her best friend Breanna, who had informed not only Kayla, but brought Tatiana along as well. It's not long before Mari is doubleteamed by both dickgirl beauties, after which they give Breanna the triple-penetration reaming of a lifetime.

Quick View Pretty In Pink Bundle

Pretty In Pink Bundle [TheDude3DX]

Regular Price: USD$28.85

Special Price: USD$22.95

Do you think porn is best in pink? So does The Dude! As an afficionado for all things pink, it's hard to not put pretty girls together and have 'em girl it up. In this bundle, enjoy the first foray into pink that was late 2015's The Ladies of Lust Unleashed. Then, move on to Breanna's dreams in Lust Unleashed: A Girl Can Dream. Then, enjoy the blonde fuckfest that is Blondes Have More Fun!

Quick View Dickgirl on Dickgirl Bundle

Dickgirl on Dickgirl Bundle [TheDude3DX]

Regular Price: USD$27.90

Special Price: USD$24.95

If you think the greatest joy of the dickgirl genre is to watch dickgirls get it on with each other, you're in luck! The Dickgirl on Dickgirl bundle is here! Enjoy all three sets that The Dude dedicated exclusively to DG on DG action, starting with Tatiana & Kayla: Girls Will be Girls, then going on to Tati & Kayla Continued, and wrapping up with the sizzling 2017 collaboration with Marie Fasolt, All Our Secrets!

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