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Mari's Lingerie Obsession Bundle [TheDude3DX]

Regular Price: USD$29.89

Special Price: USD$24.95

A collection of three sets, containing ""The Urge to Explore"", ""The Desire to Submit,"" and ""The Bliss of Sin."" Starting off a selfsuck extravaganza when Mari explores Kayla's dressing room, the trilogy transitions into all-out fucking when Kayla catches the trespassing dickgirl drenched in her own cum.

It soon escalates into an epic foursome, when Mari realises she's been set up by her best friend Breanna, who had informed not only Kayla, but brought Tatiana along as well. It's not long before Mari is doubleteamed by both dickgirl beauties, after which they give Breanna the triple-penetration reaming of a lifetime.

Quick View Pretty In Pink Bundle

Pretty In Pink Bundle [TheDude3DX]

Regular Price: USD$28.85

Special Price: USD$22.95

Do you think porn is best in pink? So does The Dude! As an afficionado for all things pink, it's hard to not put pretty girls together and have 'em girl it up. In this bundle, enjoy the first foray into pink that was late 2015's The Ladies of Lust Unleashed. Then, move on to Breanna's dreams in Lust Unleashed: A Girl Can Dream. Then, enjoy the blonde fuckfest that is Blondes Have More Fun!

Quick View Lust Unleashed Bundle

Lust Unleashed Bundle [TheDude3DX]

Regular Price: USD$29.89

Special Price: USD$22.95

To celebrate the two year anniversary of Lust Unleashed and The Dude's 3DX career, the first three Lust Unleashed sets are now bundled into one release! If you want to purchase each one separately you still can, but in this bundle you're getting The Museum, No Rest For the Wicked, and Breanna's Bounty for one low price!

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