Sexual Fantasy Kingdom Vol. 2: Futanari Elves - Galaxy Edition

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Windows and Mac versions included!

All elves in the kingdom are beautiful futanari with swinging breasts and huge cocks full of cum, in 8 animated scenes with 20 original characters. All futanari scenes, breast sex, bukkake, footjob, and more, in 30 animated sexual positions, 100 camera angles, and 200 CG images.

Return to the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies!

I brought my futanari classic back, bigger, longer and better than ever with 1024×768 graphics, Gallery Mode, updated and upgraded artwork, animation, and sound, and an ALL-NEW Bonus Scene featuring me, GalaxyPink! This is the product that put me on the map in 2008, and the bonus scene has become one of my most popular scenes ever!

What's Included

In this volume:

  • Gallery Mode - view any image or animation from the every scene
  • Larger and higher resolution 1024x768 graphics, and improved art quality
  • New voices to match with SFK3 and SFK4 - featuring Nanase Watarai, Himari, Sayaka Keina, and GalaxyPink
  • A peasant girl has a secret affair with a forest elf.
  • A virile dark elf spy is sent to impregnate the princess.
  • A tavern serves "elf-milk".
  • A half-elf adventuress is curious about her elven companion.
  • A holy knight asks an elven priestess for help removing her armor.
  • An elf suspected of being a dark elf spy is punished by the magistrate.
  • Three elves bathe in a magical spring.
  • Plus a bonus scene featuring GalaxyPink herself: GalaxyPink has a dream about an elven priestess...