Busty elf Mylin is on her way to find her friend Berina, who has disappeared without a trace. During this time Berina is tied up in a bluish room and she doesn't know where she is or what happened. An armed goblin then approaches her. He can't resist her physical attractiveness, and so he takes care of Berina's big tits first. Mylin arrives just in time to help her friend. Unfortunately, the goblin is experienced in fighting and overwhelms Mylin quickly. Since Mylin also has a fantastic body and Berina can't run away anyway, the goblin then starts to explore Mylin's body... to be more precise, the goblin touches Mylin everywhere and fucks every hole she has!


What's Included

  • 81-count HD image set, in PDF format

Mylin's Mission

Dionysos FantasyErotic

Mylin sets off on a mission to find and save her vanished friend Berina - but gets in trouble herself when she finds her captor!


What's Included

  • 81-count HD image set, in PDF format
Includes :
Mylin's Mission
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Artist/Circle Dionysos FantasyErotic
Content Anal, Big Tits, Elves, Monster, Oral
Genre Fantasy, Horror
Gender Straight
Year Released
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