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Elven Desires - Distress Signal 3 [X3Z]


While researching the Lost City of Ancient Civilization, Syndori received a strange transmission from the drones in the old subway nearby. She hears some strange noises and a howl so she decides to further investigate. Suddenly she get jumped and abducted by Aliens with mind control powers.

Dungeon Origins 3 [X3Z]


The Dungeon orgy continues with Syndori and Lorelei now being accompnied by two more elven sisters. Watch as the Orc and Goblin team up on Syndori in a viscous gangbang while her two elven sister dildo eachother, being fuckked from behind. Once again the elves will be fucked from all angles until Lorelei's holes can't take any more.

Dungeon Origins 2 [X3Z]


From the depths of the dungeon the story continues.

Syndori and Lorelei are still trapped deep in the dungeon. These filthy goblins don't need to rest, their cocks still throbbing to fill these Elves with cum. Watch Syndori's small pussy get stretched and filled as Lorelei gets ganged and banged by three big goblin shafts, all of their holes dripping with cum. How much more can these Elves take?

Elven Desires - Dungeon Origins [X3Z]


Captured and chained, Syndori and Lorelei awake in the wrong dungeon - and are subject to all of the perversions their goblin captives can think of.

Elven Desires - Distress Signal 2 [X3Z]


Previously on Distress Signal 1:

"In a far away Alien world, Ruby responds to a distress signal from her partner. She finds him wounded, collapsed in a train. Just before she can start replenishing his energy, she gets jumped by two enemies."

The story continues: "Ruby has been safely taken back to the base and taken to Julia for examination. She is startled to find Ruby has been impregnated by the enemy soldiers. The erotic mood continues however, as Julia finds one of her soldiers unable to hold down his erect penis. How far will the erotic drive take them this time?

What's Included:

141 HD image in JPG format

ED - Distress Signal [X3Z]


In a far away Alien world, Ruby responds to a distress signal from her partner. She finds him wounded, collapsed in a train. Just before she can start replenishing his energy, she gets jumped by two enemies. It's a trap! Will Ruby make it out?

What's Included:

158 HD image in JPG format

Elven Desires - Invasion [X3Z]


Tasha is guarding the outer gate of the mansion, Bokka and Shaka spot her before she spots them and they cleverly device a plan....


What's Included

  • Image set featuring 109 images at 2560 x 1440 in JPG format

Elven Desires: Undercover 3 [X3Z]


Lorelei, having subdued Malia's dark elf guard, she steels herself to deal with the remaining opposition to open the door for her red orc friends. She sees that Mira is there talking with the dark elf guard. Luckily she is ending her guard shift and leaves.

Lorelei sees her chance and seductively approaches the dark elf guard, she let's herself feel turned on at the prospect of fucking him, and as she does so she feels herself getting wet and blushing, her nipples tingling and her heart racing, she is so close now, but this dark elf guard is the biggest challenge, as he must become completely unaware of her plans if she is to be able to subdue him, part of her feels violated by showing herself naked like this, letting men and women who she does not love or even like do thing to her, yet she manages to convince her body and her surface self that she is incredibly turned on by him. As she does this her pupils go wider, giving her a lustful gaze.


What's Included

  • 85 ultra high-quality images in JPG format

Elven Desires: Undercover 2 [X3Z]


Lorelei having infiltrated the mansion, posing as a maid, to try to distract and eliminate the guards and open the door to let her red orc friends help her liberate their friend from the dungeon. She however ended up having a bit more trouble than she expected to achieve her goals, as mistress Malia makes her job a lot more taxing. However she hopes she will outlast Malia and the dark elf guard,and be able to reach the door to open it...

What's Included

  • 84 high-quality images in JPG format

Lost Innocence 3 [X3Z]


After Saeri and Saera were tied up by the red orcs at the end of the previous chapter, the two soon found themselves captured by the Goblin horde. The goblins took them into their cave, but before they could do much with them, they were stopped by the lizard folk. Saeri & Saera thought they were rescued, but the lizard folk have a different idea for the two...


What's Included

  • 70 high-quality images in JPG format

Dungeon: Lorelei's Escape [X3Z]


The fourth installment of the Dungeon series!

As the Orcs continue to focus their energy on Syndori, Lorelei begins to make her move and get out of the Orc's lair. But without knowing where she was going, Lorelei finds herself in a deeper hole than before. One that she may have an issue getting out of...


What's Included

  • 104 high-quality images in JPG format

Iris: The Dark Adventures [X3Z]


A collaboration project by X3Z & Paradox3D starring their newest character Iris Hunt!

In her travels to find hidden treasures, our adventurer Iris discovers the ancient ruins of a lost tribe. As she slowly enters through the temple doors, she finds a golden skull. Iris is mesmerized by its beauty and attempts to reach for it. Before she can, she’s ambushed by the natives of the land. In order to escape this situation (and retrieve the skull), Iris will do anything it takes to make that happen. And we mean anything!


What's Included

  • 76 high-quality images in JPG format

Elven Desires: Lorena [X3Z]


Lorena is at first having skeptical about fucking these green aliens, whose cock size overwhelms her. But she finally succumbs due to the aphrodisiac effect of their cum. Now with their cocks drawn to her, she just can't help to lick and suck each and every one of them, hoping they give her a truly amazing gangbang. Lorena's body hopes their cocks fill every hole of hers, filling each with their strong scented cum, giving her an amazing orgasm...


What's Included

  • 78 high-quality images in JPG format

Elven Desires: Lost Innocence: Ruby [X3Z]


Forest elf Ruby has been captured by the evil kingdom run by sisters Lorena and Malia. The mansion holds a mysterious portal that's connected to the world of the Heerians. In order to gain a military advantage against the Orc threat, the sisters trade Ruby off to become the Heerians' personal sex servant. Before they leave back home, they decide to give their new acquisition a try...


What's Included

  • 99 high-quality images in JPG format

Dungeon: Syndori's Experience [X3Z]


Syndori's attempts to save Lorelei from the Orcs has been halted as a second Orcs has entered the dungeon. Syndori tries to keep herself hidden, but watching Lorelei suck on the Orc's monsterous cock and take a huge facial has turned her on. Soon enough the Orcs spot her and it's game on. Both creatures put their focus on Syndori, who tries to fight back. But the numbers game catches p to her. They both proceed fucking her holes with such vigor that Syndori can't stop them (or maybe she doesn't want to). From shoving their thick cocks in her ass to making her suck their cocks, Syndori must handle the punishment she's being dealt....

What’s Included

  • 133 high-quality images in JPG format with a resolution of 2560×1440
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