Cara Lox Private Workout 3 The Finale





Being Cara Lox comes with a lot of benefits. Those include being extremely rich, getting to travel around the world, personal assistants on your beck and call, and best of all having your own private gym! However a girl can only have so much fun by herself. When the gym’s manager comes in to check on the place, he finds Cara Lox in the middle of her solo tryst. Cara spots the hunk and invites him over to help her finish her workout with a rock hard cock! Cara and the sexy Gym care taker then continue to use every piece of the equipment in a not so advised way they engage in a calorie burning out work of their own! This fantastic comic finishes off the Private Workout series and sets the stage for Cara’s next exciting adventure! This comic features a ton of oral, vaginal, and toy based sex in a wide variety of positions and angles. Great for anyone wanting to see a sexy hardcore straight series.


What's Included

  • 53 page PDF in 1900x1500 high quality

Additional Information

Artist/Circle Redrobot3D
Feature Big Breasts, Oral
Genre Action, Contemporary
Gender Straight
Year Released 2018
Format PDF
File Size 19.3MB

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Cara Lox Private Workout 3 The Finale [Redrobot3D]

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Cara Lox gets what she's been craving for the finale part of this epic workout series.


What's Included

  • 53 page PDF in 1900x1500 high quality


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