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Circle of Love [Miro / Affect3D]


On Valentine’s Day, Cerene and Lanessa pay duchess Sophia a surprise visit to deliver her a present. Them. They skip the flowers, chocolate and candlelit dinners to jump straight into her bed for a long, passionate afternoon spent giving and receiving the gift of pleasure. And there’s plenty of pleasure to go around when 3 dickgirls are involved.

They start off with their cocks buried deep in each other’s throats, getting as dirty and decadent as they want - sheets can be washed after all.

Since it’s a special occasion, Lanessa conjures up an enchantment that elongates Sophia’s cock. Soon after the duchess finds her cock engulfed in the soft flesh of Cerene’s pussy and Lanessa is pumping her cock into Cerene’s mouth. Though as much as Cerene loves taking cock, it isn’t long before she decides it’s time to switch places and show the girls how she likes to fuck...

Previously a Patreon-exclusive, this non-canon still image collection (and bonus animation!) is now available to non-patrons. Circle of Love contains 108 images, including cumshot variations and one 32-second, looping sex animation. The animation shows Sophia fucking Cerene’s pussy while Cerene deepthroats Lanessa’s cock.

Olympus3DX My Private: Game Bundle [Olympus]

Regular Price: USD$38.85

Special Price: USD$27.95

Get all of the "My Private" games from Olympus3DX for a special price now!

Hard Up 3 - Movie [Poporn3D]


So they make a plan: To cum as much as possible and dry out all the semen from their bodies! They hope this this will result in "drying" out their futa dicks, but it'll be cum-tastic either way...


What's Included

  • 18:44 mins high-quality movie in MP4 format

Farina's Adventure - Encounter [Lord-Kvento]


A sorceress named Farina finds ancient ruins. She is about to explore them, but she suddenly encounters an unusual monster.

Your Ass Is Mine [Miro / Affect3D]


For Christmas, Miro created a Patreon poll asking which of the Bloodlust girls would most likely end up on top of Santa's naughty (dick)girl list. His patrons voted on Lanessa who then received a special visit from her alter ego Light Lanessa. When Lanessa misbehaves, Light Lanessa tells her to bend over for a firm cock spanking. It puts them in the perfect position for an intense session of ass and pussy fucking, titty-fucking and dick sucking.

Previously a Patreon-exclusive, this non-canon still image collection (and bonus animation!) is now available to non-patrons. Your Ass Is Mine contains 110 images and one 36-second, looping animation. The animation shows Light Lanessa fucking Lanessa’s pussy.

CyPunk [Miro / Affect3D]


Miro's latest cyberpunk-inspired image set borrows characters from Bloodlust: Lanessa for a little bit of outdoor fun. Sophia is a futa motorcycle babe who spots the perfect ride in a blue-haired, goth punk version of an all-female Cerene. Once Sophia releases her hard cock in front of Cerene, it's lust at first sight. They hop on Sophia’s bike and take to the streets in a relentless sex frenzy, going harder at each and every turn. Previously a Patreon-exclusive, this non-canon still image collection (and bonus animation!) is now available to non-patrons.

Bloodlust: Lanessa - CyPunk contains 141 images and one 48-second, looping animation. The animation features all-female Cerene deepthroating dickgirl Sophia on top of a motorcycle. 


The Experiment Chapter Three [Miki3dx]


Nicole fainted after multiple orgasms caused by an unexpected side effect of a medical treatment. Dr. Valery is going to take advantage of Nicole's body condition to test a new substance with the help of Dr.Megan who, in the meantime, has converted the nuclear lab into an operating room where the experiment is going to take place.

This product features: Lesbian, Threesome, Futanari, Clitanari, Teasing, Medical Fetish, Needles, Fucking Machine, Orgasm Denial, Clit Growth, Breast Growth, Fingering, Blowjob, Orgasm, Dripping Pussy, Milking

Love Bite [Miro / Affect3D]


For Halloween, Miro created a special Patreon poll asking what part of Lanessa’s body Cerene might want to bite. Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, the Patrons picked Lanessa’s cock and thus this non-canon, double futanari, still image collection was born. Previously a Patreon-exclusive, this image collection (and bonus animation!) is not available to non-patrons.

Bloodlust: Lanessa - Love Bite contains 56 images and one 20-second, looping animation. It features two futanari vampire girls biting, teasing, sucking, and deep throating in a suspended 69.

Milkshake - Mix Up [Futanarica]


What do a milkshake, girlfriends, and hot day have in common? Well, other than sex...

What's Included

  • 98 high-quality image in JPG format
  • 15:02 min video in FullHD MP4 format
  • 54 animated loops from the image set in GIF format
  • NR-02 [futaya]


    Daily activites of the last man on earth and his faithful robot...
    You can try the free demo version before purchasing.


    What's Included

    • High-quality looping animations in EXE format application


    Application control buttons

    • PREV: Watch the previous scene
    • NEXT: Watch the next scene
    • MENU: Display all scenes menu
    • You can also use keyboard directional arrow keys to move between scenes
    • You can hide the buttons by pressing Right Mouse Button
    • Pressing Left Mouse Button again will make buttons reappear
    • Press ESC to exit application

    Angels & Demons [Olympus]


    As your Private Detective is searching for clues in the old library an old magic book draws her attention. It's power enables the user to realize her deepest desire, be it pure and heavenly or demonicly carnal.

    Which path will you send your Private Detective on?

    G4E Collection [Miro / Affect3D]


    Binge watch episode 1, DLC 1 and DLC 2 of Sayako and Tara's life changing night of intense dickgirl sex. The first night of many more to come!

    This is the complete collection of miro's iconic Girlfriends 4 Ever series. An extra large introduction to the dickgirl genre guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on newbies looking for something different and countless hours of fun for long time fans of dickgirls who pack a bigger package.

    Divine Avatar - Chapter One [Chimera46 / Gazukull]


    A world building fantasy adventure wherein a busty elf with short pink hair takes it in all her holes as part of journey of self-discovery. May contain some humour and social commentary.

    A visual novel hybrid format, with approx 20 mins of 1080p 3D voiced animation, 100 images (many are alternate angles and focal points) and a 7000 word story.

    Xmas Rampage [Futanarica]


    All Futanarica's futa dickgirls and cute girls merged in one place to celebrate holiday. And so many overly lustful and shamelessly perverted girls in one place overflows the festive atmosphere with incense of passion and leads to killing gangbang party, who would doubt that! You may wonder - What is going on, the holidays have long gone! - But the main thing is that the holiday was in the soul, and not on the calendar, right? Grab this futas on girls Xmas Rampage madness in UltraHD 4K and immerse yourself once again in the enchanting atmosphere of a festive extravaganza!


    What's Included

    • 51 high-quality images in JPG format
    • 10 mins high-quality video in MP4 format

    Holiday Weekend [AlexGoldxx]


    Your holiday weekend with the sexy and eager Anna awaits. This time, she's going to show you how much of a good rider she can be.

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