Secret of Beauty Full-length animation Bundle (3 & 4)


Full-length animations of Karen(SOB3) and Suzi(SOB4K) Get Full-length animations of Secret of Beaty titles( 3 and 4 Kunoichi ed.)

Includes :
Secret of Beauty 4 Kunoichi Edition (Final Ver., Multi Audio, 17m, mp4)
Secret of Beauty 4 Kunoichi Edition (Early Access ver., 16m, mp4)
Secret Of Beauty 3 (16m, mp4)
USD$ 25.95


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ContentBig Tits, Big Ass, Huge Cock, Ahegao, Anal, Creampie, Group, Monster, Oral, Animation
GenreFantasy, Horror
Year Released
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SOB3 - After the events with the Orcs in previous chapters, the Stone Lady Karen journeys through the land, looking for any male who can satisfy her lustful craving. She eventually wanders into a church where she meets Markus, who is mourning the loss of a friend.

SOB4K ed. - The kunoichi Suzi pursued The Stone Lady, Karen, but was defeated in combat and thrown into jail. In her solitary contemplation, the kunoichi knows any difficult situation can be controlled... but at that moment the door of the prison cell opens. (Three Audio Versions included -- Standard, Music, and No Monster Sounds Versions -- Use VLC or similar player to switch between tracks.)

What's Included:

  • Secret Of Beauty 3 : Full-length animation, 1280x720p, 24FPS, approx. 16mins
  • Secret Of Beauty 4 Kunoichi Ed. : Full-length animation, 1920x1080p, 30FPS, approx. 17mins